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Author Archives: Mark Stevenson

Basic Guide to .htaccess

By using a .htaccess file, you can configure certain elements on your site on a per-directory basis. though the file starts with a period, it is not appended to a file name, .htaccess is the file. Some examples of what can be done with a .htaccess file are: Web site redirection (all or just a […]
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Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines

There are many mysteries surrounding how search engine rankings work and what really boosts your Web site’s visibility when it comes to search engine listings, but most industry experts believe that all search engines love Web sites that are updated often. This is why blogs can be so successful at generating lots of Web traffic. […]
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Adding Plugins to WordPress

A plugin is just an extra bit of code that allows you to extend the functionality of your main WordPress installation by appending to the core WordPress code. That makes it sound more complicated than it really is though. Basically, if you find yourself limited with your WordPress blog somehow, chances are someone has coded […]
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XSSI Basic Tutorial

Apache’s XSSI (eXtended Server Side Includes) is a very useful tool for Web developers because it offers a simple, efficient way to do basic Web page scripting without taxing your servers system resources unnecessarily. It also does not rely on your visitors browser capabilities like some other client-side scripting languages (i.e. JavaScript). This means that […]
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