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Author Archives: Jake Neeley

Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress is one of the easiest and most flexible publishing environments that bloggers use for content sharing and setting up e-commerce sites for small businesses. One of the reasons why it is so popular is the prevalence of plugins for site customization, including SEO. Here are five great plugins that help you move up the […]
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Four Reasons Why Apple’s “Pinch to Zoom” Patent Has Been Rejected by the U.S. Patent Office

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office in a preliminary ruling invalidated U.S patent number 7,844, 915. The patent was Apple Inc.’s “Pinch to Zoom” patent that was one of the key pieces, out of six, of its intellectual property lawsuit against Samsung. The agency ruled out all claims in Apple’s patent on the primary basis […]
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How to Deal with the WordPress Security Warning: “Pingback Vulnerability & Temporary Fix”

The WordPress pingback vulnerability is a security issue that could affect any WordPress website where pingbacks and trackbacks are used to notify the site owner of links back to their posts. This vulnerability causes the site to be at risk of a denial-of-service attack (DDoS). Currently, all WordPress versions are vulnerable including version 3.5. The […]
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Were they right? Five Online Retail Predictions Experts Made Before the Holiday Season

The Internet has brought about significant changes in consumer shopping patterns. As more online retail platforms open up and buying online becomes easier, the landscape of e-commerce continues to shift; something we’re continued to develop in our business hosting plans. Here are five trends that experts say shaped the holiday season. Do you agree with […]
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Five Improvements to YouTube for Website Owners

Having a YouTube channel has become an important feature to attract, engage and retain web traffic. To enhance user experience and ease content creators tasks, YouTube has been developing and launching some new technical features. As of late, the attention of channel owners has shifted from the number of videos uploaded to the rate of […]
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Fortune 500 Companies Drool Over Linux Servers

The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with Yeoman Technology Group, conducted an invitation-only survey of 1893 enterprises using Linux showing that Linux servers are well-loved at Fortune 500 companies. The data pool was compromised of the Linux Foundation End User Council, private companies and government institutions selected by the Linux Foundation and Yeoman Technology Group. Everyone […]
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Five Great Ways to Monetize Traffic on YouTube

According to recent statistics released by YouTube, over 800 million unique users visit the site each month and that traffic from mobile devices had tripled since 2011. These statistics are quite endearing for most marketing executives, either big or small, as it offers a cheaper alternative to advertise to a global target audience. In addition, […]
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Several Ways SMBs Can Benefit from Using Yammer for Their Employees

Yammer is a social media tool specifically designed to help businesses of all sizes increase productivity and connect employees with one another. It is a convenient, secure way for you and your team to communicate and share relevant experiences and knowledge. There are several ways Yammer can be a benefit to your business. About Jake […]
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Five Ways Oracle has Improved MySQL Database Since Acquiring it From Sun

Oracle’s acquisition of Sun systems – and MySQL – in 2010, left many web developers wary of the MySQL path. At the time Sun had major concerns with their hardware sector, but the MySQL application was becoming ever more popular. Currently, MySQL is a significant tool in the management of website database information, and is […]
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Five Reasons Why Facebook May Go the Same Way as MySpace

Facebook is an enormous company, and its success has made it a household name, even turned into a movie. Although large, they’re not exempt from failure; a quick look at the past will show that even a monolithic company may one day find itself at the bottom of the barrel. We’ve taken a quick look […]
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