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Author Archives: Clint Reeves

Google releases yet another Panda update which impacts search rankings

Google has just released Panda update 3.9 which apparently will affect about 1% of websites hosted on shared, dedicated and cloud platforms around the world. As usual Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm to favor high-quality sites, which publish original, useful and timely content relating to the core product or business offering. These quality guidelines […]
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Is Google+ worth the effort? Comscore report says yes!

So what exactly is going on at Google Plus? On the one hand The Wall Street Journal reported in late February that that Google+ is nothing more than a virtual ghost town, reflected by a growing amount of users who sign up but then never go much further in engaging the platform. A large number […]
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SMBs embrace the new wave of cloud CRMs

A new survey suggests that at least 56% of small businesses are now using an online CRM cloud to help manage their business operations.   This is 10% higher than last year and confirms a general trend towards increasing cloud utilization by SMBs as we approach 2016, considered a watermark year for cloud computing. Cloud hosting […]
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Symantec chooses Drupal CMS to drive website community portal

Symantec recently used Drupal to complete an enterprise portal called Symantec Connect for key products, offering users a platform to interact with another and employees in a community-orientated platform. Drupal is considered one of the most advanced and powerful content management systems (CMS) available to small business owners on professional web hosting infrastructure. “Connect enables […]
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Joomla CMS now averages 1 million download per month

The latest updates from Joomla CMS indicate that this popular content management system has now reached the 30-million download mark and averages close to 1 million downloads per month. Joomla, along with Drupal and WordPress, is considered one of the top three user-friendliest pieces of software to build websites on professional hosting platforms in the […]
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Magento assumes dominant e-commerce lead on professional hosting packages

Magento appears to be a runaway success in the online shopping cart and e-commerce arena, when viewed through search activity on Google Insights.  While osCommerce and Zen Cart fight for scraps in 2012, Magento is surging upwards with a notable peak in late 2009. All three packages have their fan base and are offered on […]
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Facebook Now Talks to WordPress: Check Out This New plugin!

It had to happen: Facebook has announced it will allow users to plugin WordPress stories, social publishing and individual mentions. Facebook, along with a professionally hosted website is considered a key ingredient in helping generate new leads for small business owners in the United States. “The plugin was built by Facebook engineers in collaboration with […]
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Do you know how to liberate or delete your data in the Google cloud?

Many Google users, including those using cloud services such as Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, may be unaware that Google has put together an engineering team whose sole goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of popular Google products stored in the cloud. Generally, there are two […]
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E-commerce sales booming for SMBs but so are the technical challenges!

E-commerce on cheap, affordable hosting platforms is taking off in a big way in the United States with a recent Oracle white paper declaring substantial year-over-year improvements in 2011 over 2010 results. What is even more promising, are the technical improvements in the buying experience as well as further enhancements to e-commerce channels that are […]
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Cyber Threat level high: Pay Attention says IBM!

A recent infographic released by IBM indicates that 96% of cyber-attacks could have been prevented in seconds by taking some basic precautionary steps and complying with secure computing practices. It also warned that 33% of cyber attacks involved phishing, malware or viruses occur in the amount of time it takes to make a cup of […]
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