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Author Archives: Cody Erekson

Email Safety: 10+ Things You Should Know

Have you ever wondered why you get so much SPAM (junk mail) in your email inbox? Where do they get your address from, and why do they send it? There are essentially two reasons. First is the same reason that Pepsi pays $25 million for a thirty second Super Bowl ad: exposure equals sales. Secondly, […]
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Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

The first time I signed into a chat room, nearly 16 years ago, I don’t think I realized how young World Wide Web actually was. At that time I knew about America Online, Netscape Navigator, and CompuServe; in fact I thought everyone knew about those things. The reality is, I was there during the infancy […]
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AutoMOD: Customization Magic for phpBB3

One of the many site applications we offer is phpBB3, which claims to be “the most widely used open-source bulletin board system in the world.” Using phpBB3 you can create everything from large discussion forums to small game clan meeting rooms. It offers the tools necessary for moderation teams to maintain control of your site. […]
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