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Author Archives: Chris Michaelis

Simple and Clean Menus with jQuery

Creating a nice-looking menu can be a challenge. You want something that’s clean, that looks good, and that fits into your site. These aren’t such demanding things to ask for in a menu, but if you search the Internet for “html menu”, you get all sorts of strange selections, varying in degrees of complexity, and […]
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More jQuery (BlockUI plug-in)

“The page at says…” Does that look familiar? If you use alert() or confirm() from JavaScript in your web page, some browsers display a standard, boring window with that title, and your message in it. A few weeks ago, I introduced jQuery, a powerful tool for writing dynamic and engaging websites quickly. Today I’d […]
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Shared Calendars with Google and/or CalDAV

Many people have asked me how best to share a calendar between colleagues, between friends, husband and wife, offices in different locations, and some other cases where coordinating schedules is useful. One solution that many are turning to is Google Calendar, which is a fantastic solution. It offers many features, including the ability to subscribe […]
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Dynamic Websites with jQuery and extJS

Is your site too plain? Do you want to add a bit of spark or flair to the visual appearance of your site? Maybe you’re looking for some creative ways to work with menus or display contextual information. Perhaps pop-up blockers have made you rethink how to design your site, but you dislike constant page […]
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