WestHost Technical Support

One of the most important but sometimes overlooked features WestHost offers clients is our in-house technical support. At some point everyone is going to have a question along the way or need a little extra help. When they do, they want to know they are going to get the correct answer quickly. We believe that by employing the best, our clients will experience the best. We look not only for technically savvy employees, but equally important is their ability to communicate professionally with our clients. You will find that our technicians are friendly, courteous, and sincerely concerned about the welfare of each person they interact with.
When browsing our Web site you will notice a “REAL SUPPORT” seal promoting the level of service clients can expect to receive at WestHost. It’s not just a gimmick graphic we’ve thrown on our site, we’re serious about providing real support. To quantify that statement, let me share with you some general background of our Technical Support staff. Our technicians are highly educated and trained in the areas of information technology; most have completed college coursework in computer science, information systems, graphic design, as well as other similar disciplines at universities and technology colleges throughout the Western part of the United States. A majority of our technical support staff live in the Logan Utah area, however many of our current staff have traveled to and lived in places around the world. Therefore they have a better understanding of people, attitudes, opinions, places, and cultures. Some of our technicians are currently furthering their education. Some are married and have families. They have hobbies and interests that include sports, music, fishing, camping, skiing, gaming, photography, cars, motorcycles, and of course computers. They enjoy all the latest and greatest technological gadgets and contraptions. They like to go on vacation, and visit diverse places. They are real people with personal and professional goals, desires and feelings. The level and quality of support found at WestHost is unmatched in the Web hosting industry. Real support is what you can expect when hosting at WestHost.
As WestHost has grown over the years we have often looked to our Technical Support Department to find technically qualified and positive individuals to fill other needs throughout the company. Some of our past technicians are now Systems Administrators, Technical Engineers and Web Designers. Some of these people are filling leadership roles throughout the organization. Our screening process in hiring new employees is extremely thorough, and because of that, our clients enjoy the benefits of working with some of the best people out there.
So next time you need to contact WestHost’s technical support, remember that our goal is to provide you with the best possible service available. We care about our clients and want them to know of our commitment to providing them with friendly and quality service each and every time they contact us!