WestHost Meets CloudFlare

WestHost has partnered with CloudFlare to increase your website’s speed and security.

The days of having to sacrifice speed for security are over. Thanks to CloudFlare teaming up with web hosting providers such as WestHost, your website can reach optimal speeds and maintain the absolute highest level of security.
What is CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a US-based web security and performance company whose expertise has helped everyone from small blogs to Fortune 500 companies. Due to its intelligent global content delivery network, CloudFlare helps sites load twice as fast while drastically improving security. CloudFlare currently makes more than 2,000,000 sites around the world perform faster and safer.
WestHost has partnered with CloudFlare, meaning you can use CloudFlare’s services for absolutely FREE! Now you’ll have the most reliable web host packaged with unbeatable security and high-speed performance.
Speed Advantage
CloudFlare uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up your site, meaning your visitors will experience fast download speeds on your site regardless of where they’re at around the world. CloudFlare uses reduced network connections within the DNS, resulting in web pages loading faster.
Due to its local storage caching, CloudFlare makes websites load much faster due to even fewer network requests. Since your site is cached with CloudFlare it will be accessible even if the web server goes offline.
High Security
Perhaps the most important aspect of a website is security. With so many hackers and spammers causing trouble around the web, your website requires the highest level of security available.
Thanks to its globally distributed network, CloudFlare blocks attackers from gaining access to a site. Sites protected with CloudFlare see a dramatic increase in security and a large decrease in spam. In fact, it can prevent more than 90% of attacks.
Always Improving
CloudFlare is scalable, meaning it is always growing as demand increases. As more people use CloudFlare’s services, the network becomes even stronger. With WestHost now on board, you can expect to see measurable increases in speed and security on your site, eventually resulting in higher quality traffic.

Integrate CloudFlare into your web hosting package today for free with just a few clicks! Get started here!