Web Hosting Solutions: 7 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing

Picking a web hosting plan is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider when preparing your ecommerce business. Far too often, when people purchase incompatible packages with their domains they end up either wasting money or encountering resource limitation issues.
There are, however, ways to avoid making a mistake when buying your web hosting, and instead become successful in your business needs.

Here are some of the best web hosting solutions tips to look for when buying a package:

01. Resource gauging: Whether you are using a simple shared server or a large dedicated server, resource limits are going to be imposed. These are generally presented in CPU usage, memory usage, entry processes, and disk usage. Finite limitations are also considered, such as databases, bandwidth, aliases, and FTP accounts. The bigger the hosting package, the more freedom you will have to use these resources.
02. Domain hosting volume: Some hosting packages sacrifice the number of domains that can be hosted on them in exchange for the cost. It’s good to plan for any future expansion for your ecommerce site, which could include addon domains, subdomains and parked domains.
03. Hosting tools: Are you in need of an SSL for your domain or could you get away without one? Do you need SSH access for those advanced terminal commands to control your files and cron job backups? Does the hosting package you want include SEO tools or a one-click install of WordPress?
04. Email accounts: Do you need email accounts for the domains in your hosting package? Some hosting packages allow an all-in-one option with hosting email accounts for multiple domains in one area. Others strictly limit the email hosting to each domain on a case-by-case basis. Think about this web hosting solution carefully.
05. FTP account access: File Transfer Protocols are great in that they allow you to upload any files you are working with in your hosting package quick and in massive volume. However, there isn’t always a need for it, and it can sometimes be substituted with a WordPress hosting platform for cheaper and simpler WordPress-managed sites, for example.
06. Managed and unmanaged: Managed VPS and dedicated server platforms focus more on this area and come with more support, uptime SLA, and automated security scan checks, as well as assisted start-ups for faster server uptime. Considering whether you need these options or not could save a lot of money.
07. Backup protocol: Does the hosting package come with a free backup service? If so, what is the timeline of those backups? Are they guaranteed or are they just a courtesy to the client? These are important questions to consider since if files get corrupted and backups aren’t offered, the whole website could be lost and non-restorable. That’s a web hosting solution you can’t afford to ignore.
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