TweetTV Embraces HTML5 for Mobile Apps

Choosing what to watch on TV has become a confusing ordeal thanks to an ever-increasing amount of content available in various platforms. To salvage the situation TweetTV has recently launched new “super responsive” HTML5 mobile apps that provide users with better information on what’s on.
TweetTV is a twitter based social media TV guide and discovery tool that ranks and displays TV programs based on real time social media popularity. Bradley Markham, former Google employee, launched the web-based firm in 2010 to provide TV program tweets that offer far beyond generic keywords and hash tags.
Some of the salient features offered by the HTML5 mobile apps include.

  • Multiple Platforms Functionality
  • These new non-native apps can function across multiple platforms. Users can follow tweets on its platform and subscribe to use the service via their mobile browser without the requirement to install any app or software.

  • Different User Interfaces
  • According to the company, the new mobile solution will provide different user interfaces on smartphones and tablets. This will enable future tweets to be much faster and more native.

  • Instant Rewards Program
  • To facilitate more user engagement and interaction, TweetTV has also launched an instant rewards program through a partnership with PaeDae. Users can accumulate points every time they send tweets and participate on the TweetTV mobile web app page and website. The points can be redeemed as gift cards, discounts and vouchers for free food. According to the CEO, Markham, “the goal of the rewards program is to encourage social media engagement among TV viewers.”

  • Live Tags Feature
  • Taunted to be a first in the industry, live tags show trending usernames, hash-tags, and phrases within sets of tweets related to each program. Clicking on a tag enhances deeper engagement by displaying trends-within-trends. These are relevant trends and tweets related to the tag itself.

  • Real-Time Localized TV Guide
  • These HTML5 mobile apps enable viewers to monitor tweets, contribute to discussions, and have multiuser engagements with anyone else involved in the discussion. This leads to real-time localized program guides that are derived from social media engagement.