Top IOS 11 Complaints: Fix It Tips

Let’s face it, no matter how much you test a software update there are bound to be issues. This is very evident in Apple’s new IOS release of version 11, with users being plagued by connection issues, slow downs, battery life reduction and even hard crashes. Luckily, there are solutions to these problems.

Here are some tips that may help your Apple devices work better for you:

Apps not working properly
This is something I experienced first hand on my Iphone. The first thing you’re going to want to check is if you’re updated to the most up to date IOS version (currently it’s 11.0.3). This, combined with updating the applications themselves, can help in clearing up some of the bugs and issues you experienced since developers have been working to make their apps compatible with IOS 11.
Home button freeze/slow to wake up device
There have been reports of lock screen freezes for some devices, forcing a hard reset. Typically this is down to running several open applications in the background that still aren’t totally optimized for IOS 11, so closing out of those should help in resolving this. Also, if you have installed IOS 11, you will want to give it some time to get adjusted to your files and application paths.
Poor battery life
This particularly seems to be an issue for older Apple devices like the iPhone 6s and 7 due to IOS 11 being tailored to the iPhone 8 and X. This is also where updating older applications may be advisable, since these might not play well with IOS 11. By going into your settings, you can see which applications are using the most energy, and decide whether they are worth keeping or uninstalling. Other considerations for conserving battery power would be turning off your GPS, wifi and Bluetooth when you are not using them, as well as lowering the brightness on your screen.
Email sending issues
It seems that sending out email via Exchange, Office 365 and even the default mail application have been running into issues due to the IOS 11 update. Apple has confirmed that this is a bug with the IOS and are still working on a solution via a software update. In the meantime, switching from wifi to your mobile data should work when sending off your message.
Control center issues
This area controls many aspects of Apple devices such as your screen brightness, airplane mode and flashlight. There has been a lot of talk about the new abilities of the control center, but many aren’t finding the options they want. To customize your Control Center settings go to Settings>Control Center> Customize Controls. In this section, you can choose which options you have available in your control center.
Photo conversions
Previously when you took photos and video on your Apple devices, they would be saved in JPEG or H.264 format. However, the new IOS version has changed this to HEIF and HEVC. While these new formats offer better quality, they do also lead to compatibility problems when being exported and processed. While this isn’t a big issue, it’s still something to consider.
Reverting back to IOS 10
If all else fails, it’s a good idea to simply go back to what worked before. Keep in mind however that many applications won’t always continue to support developments and updates on this IOS version, so this is by no means a long term solution. Also, with all older software versions there will be more security holes present.
Apple Pay to friends disabled
If you use this service then it’s important to know that this isn’t currently supported. Future updates for IOS 11 might address this, but if you depend on paying other people through this, then don’t update for now.