The $Value of Search Engine Position

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Position #1 compared to #2 on the Google results page isn’t that different is it? What about #10 and #11, can’t matter that much right? Wrong.

An online research network, Chitika Insights, said the value of the #1 spot in Google over #2 is worth DOUBLE the traffic; that’s like one taco or two, $1K or $2K, a 100 mph car or 200 mph car!
Their methodology involved looking at a sample through their ad network in May 2010 of 8,253,240 impressions from Google, broken down by results position.
The first position drove almost as much traffic as positions 2-5 combined and captured 35% off all traffic in their sample. The biggest disparity lied between the bottom of page one and the top of page two; going from 10th to 11th position resulted in a 143% decline in traffic.
Here’s the breakdown:

Google Result Impressions Percentage
1 2,834,806 34.35%
2 1,399,502 16.96%
3 942,706 11.42%
4 638,106 7.73%
5 510,721 6.19%
6 416,887 5.05%
7 331,500 4.02%
8 286,118 3.47%
9 235,197 2.85%
10 223,320 2.71%
10 91,978 1.11%
11 69,778 0.85%

So how do you get the bulk of the traffic? Maybe you don’t even know where you stand?
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