The Best TLD For Better SEO

If you are searching the web looking for the perfect domain to get you to the top of search engine pages, then sadly you won’t find it. However, do keep in mind that there are a few tips and tricks when making domain selections to help your website rise to the top.

Choosing the best domain for SEO

The number one rule for choosing domains is to keep it short, simple, and that it should represent your brand. Domain experts also recommend that you avoid domains that include numbers, sound or look similar to an established website or are easy to misspell. Only register domains that are memorable, easy to spell and pair well with an appropriate domain extension, or web address ending.

Picking the perfect domain extension

Many website owners believe that only .com domains fare well in search results, but this is simply not the case. Most search engines have published information stating that all domains are treated equally in the eyes of search engine algorithms. The problem with alternative web address endings like .guru or .club comes down to internet user’s habits. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all trust .com domains more than .online or .live.
John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, wrote about alternate web address endings, or gTLDs, saying: “They can perform well in search, just like any other TLD can perform well in search. They give you an opportunity to pick a name that better matches your web presence.” However, if internet users and your website traffic don’t believe this is true, you may run into issues.
So, how can you have the best of both worlds? What domain can give you the reputation of a .com domain but the pizzazz of a new gTLD?

Why settle for one domain when you can have many?

The great thing about websites is that many domains can all lead to the same place. For example, try typing or Both domains take you to This is because the geniuses at Google have protected their brand by registering domains that are closely related to their search tool. These domains also capture fast fingers who may have erred when entering the web address. Many businesses choose to use many URLs for the same website, whether to capture those who might misspell the URL or use the domain for purposes you don’t agree with.

Registering multiple domains is smart for three reasons:

  1. To prevent other organizations from registering domains, whether for pure or nefarious reasons.
  2. To reach different audiences, especially when registering geographic domains like .uk or .paris.
  3. To secure search engine benefits and additional traffic.

Luckily, gTLDs are inexpensive and easy to register for one, five or ten years at a time. Often, many domain registrars (like WestHost) will offer deals when registering domains in bulk. For example, for a limited time you can get a FREE .online domain for every .com domain you register. This means you get two great domains for the price of one. Not only will you be able to protect your brand and reach new audiences, but you can also enjoy the additional SEO benefits from both domains pointed at your website.