Managed Dedicated Server – Service Level Agreement Update

We are very excited to announce that we have recently upgraded our Managed Dedicated Server – Service Level Agreement. We are confident in the reliability of our hosting infrastructure, but with our SLA we can provide our clients with an added measure of reassurance and peace of mind.
In the unlikely event there is an unexpected outage, WestHost will credit the monthly service charge for the following month’s service up to 100% of the monthly service charge for the affected month. Please visit our Managed Dedicated Server SLA to view the recent changes.
What constitutes a network outage? A network outage is constituted by any outage in which a client is unable to access their site due to a failure in WestHost’s network. Please bear in mind that we cannot be held responsible for delays, interruptions, or other problems related to the general condition of the Internet.
This recent upgrade to our SLA reflects our ongoing commitment to providing a superior experience to our clients and is just another example of why WestHost is a leader in client satisfaction!