Simplifying Your Life – How Long Would It Take To Binge-watch A TV Series?

Thanks to the website you can see exactly how long it will take to binge-watch the next complete TV series on your must-watch list.

You’ve once again reached the end of a rewarding work week. You’ve climbed the email mountain and now you’re ready to kick back and enjoy a couple of days off. What better to do than waste (or spend wisely, depending on how you look at it) a few hours by diving into your favorite show?
Whether you’re watching “Grey’s Anatomy” for the third time through or finally giving into the hype and starting “House of Cards”, it’s always a good idea to know just how much time you’ll be…let’s say ‘contributing’ to this activity.
Luckily, a website has been created with you in mind: Give it a try, it’s simple! Just enter in the series that you’re considering watching and enter in how many seasons you’re wanting to sit through. It will default to however many seasons are in the series but you can easily modify that if you’re not willing to spend the next four days glued to your TV screen.
If you’re interested in seeing how long it takes to watch some of today’s most popular TV shows, take a look at this Top Ten Infographic. Have you seen every show on here? If you have, you’ve spent a total of 61 days, 16 hours, and 36 minutes of your life watching these series. Add “Doctor Who” to that list and you’re up to 83 ½ days.
If you didn’t see your favorites on this list, you can check out LifeHacker’s Top Ten Infographic as well. This includes popular choices such as “The Office”, “True Blood”, and “American Horror Story”. And again, if you don’t see your favorite show on either list, just punch it into
Just a reminder, it is impossible for to estimate how long it takes you to pop another bag of popcorn or pour another drink. We suggest adding an additional one hour to each season to account for food and bathroom breaks, as well as the perhaps occasional drop-by visit from your neighbor.
Here at WestHost, we pass no judgement on the amount of days you’ve spent watching TV. I personally came up with 16 days, 18 hours for my own binge-watching past. Am I proud of this? Not exactly. But I wouldn’t trade the amount of time I spent with Walt and Jesse in “Breaking Bad” or the relationships I built with Jim Halpert in “The Office” as he progressed at Dunder Mifflin for anything. I can truly say that I am a proud binge watcher.
Once your binge-watching fest is over, slide on over to to see what our small business hosting can do for you!