Simple and Clean Menus with jQuery

jQueryCreating a nice-looking menu can be a challenge. You want something that’s clean, that looks good, and that fits into your site. These aren’t such demanding things to ask for in a menu, but if you search the Internet for “html menu”, you get all sorts of strange selections, varying in degrees of complexity, and usually designed for a specific site layout or color scheme.
What if you could have a very recognizable menu system – like the one that Windows Explorerâ„¢ uses, shown here?
Windows Explorer menus

Thanks to jQuery and its multitude of useful plug-ins, you can have just that. The SimpleTree plug-in takes only seconds to create a menu system that nearly every computer user will immediately recognize and feel comfortable with. What’s shown below is the default icon theme that the plug-in includes, but you can always edit or replace the images to change the computer icon, the folder icons, or the “leaf” icons to suit your needs.
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Check out our simple menu below, or the complete example:
jQuery menus
In order to create this menu, we need only a small bit of JavaScript code, placed in your jQuery “ready” function:

simpleTreeCollection = $('.simpleTree').simpleTree({
autoclose: true,
$.blockUI({ message: 'You clicked on:<br/ >' + $('span:first',node).text() + '<br /><br /><a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="$.unblockUI()">Click here to dismiss.</a>'});

We also need to define the menu items themselves. This will be done with an unordered list (ul) element which has the class “simpleTree”:

<ul id="browser" class="simpleTree">
<li class="root"><span>Contents</span>
<li class="open" id="item1"><span>This is the first item...</span>
<li id="subitem1"><span>Sub Item #1</span></li>
<li id="subitem2"><span>Sub Item #2</span></li>

<li class="open" id="item2"><span>This is the second item...</span>
<li id="subitem3"><span>Sub Item #3</span></li>
<li id="subitem4"><span>Sub Item #4</span></li>

When your jQuery ready event runs, it will convert the unordered list into the menu. That’s all there is to it!