5 Ways To Make Your Brand More Engaging In Today's Digital World

Bring your brand to the people with these top tips.
In todays digital world, having an online presence alone is not enough. We need to shout from the rooftops to be heard in an ever-growing online market. Here are 5 effective ways to make your brand more engaging:

  1.  Brand Voice

Your brands voice might be defined as a set of values your brand articulates, or perhaps its the soul of your brand, articulated onto and within your content.It is important to review this notion of your voice as it is the impression that potential customers and followers will take away from interacting with your brand. If your brand voice is not clear, or perhaps contains mixed messages, this can lead to confusion in peoples impressions. Their memory will not contain a clear thought about your brand, rather it will be a vague notion of changing ideas. In the end, who will seek out a brand if they cannot remember what it is about?
Your brand voice needs to be reflected in your website too. Customers who already know your brand also need to see the consistency online. This will provide them with a familiarity every time they come across your digital presence.
It is also good practice to review your brand voice to ensure it is still directly reflecting what your brand is now. Perhaps your brand has evolved slightly, for example maybe your brand has become more environmentally conscious? These new values must be incorporated in your brand voice. Everything evolves and changes, and in turn so does your brand voice.

  1.  Updating Content

A clear voice with a great website is a good start, but again the lack of change and evolution is boring and disengaging in our rapidly moving world. Visitors expect regular new content filled with new thoughts, ideas and tips. Visitors wish to see whats new, happening and quirky in their field of interest. Your brand needs to appear to be moving with the times through regular updates on the website. Images also need to be reviewed to make sure the style of depiction matches whats hot and trending for your brand. Perhaps use an image of a cat or dog related to your industry if this is a massive trend, or use black and white photos, or neon accents if appropriate.

  1.  SEO

In todays digital world we need to reach out to potential new digital customers through search engines: more and more of us type into a search engine when looking for something specific. To make your brand more engaging, SEO optimization of your website is crucial. Through proper SEO efforts your rankings on search engines are improved, making you more visible to the digital audience looking for your services or products. Without any SEO adjustments your website remains a hidden gem which can only be accessed by those in the know. SEO will help you reach the global online market.

  1.  Social Media

Social media is an excellent medium to make your brand more engaging. Depending on what your brand voice and representation is, you can create campaigns tailored to your target audience, making them feel a personal connection with your brand. You can make the campaign as personal or corporate as you wish, and slowly you will gain a community of followers. Not only can you inform your fans of new products or services, but you can show them the brand voice you wish them to see. Show off how well your brand fits into the world.
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all offer slightly different forms of content sharing, and it’s important to keep in mind what type of posts work with each of these different audiences. If video can show a side to your brand that static images and text cannot, then Snapchat and Periscope might be for you. There are many more social media channels to follow. The best way is to try out two to three at a time and see which ones work for you and which ones categorically do not. If you have a budget to invest, you can also boost your posts to reach targeted new audiences.

  1.  AdWords Campaigns

For brands with a decent monthly marketing budget, a Google AdWords (or pay per click) campaign can give your brand extra exposure. However, the efficacy of the campaign will depend on the keywords you choose and their level of competitiveness in relation to your budget. Choose the right terms for a pay per click or display campaign and you can generate a good amount of new traffic daily to your website. Again, if this is your first attempt, it is worth consulting a professional to save time and money in the long run.
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