Several Ways SMBs Can Benefit from Using Yammer for Their Employees

Yammer is a social media tool specifically designed to help businesses of all sizes increase productivity and connect employees with one another. It is a convenient, secure way for you and your team to communicate and share relevant experiences and knowledge. There are several ways Yammer can be a benefit to your business.

Promote Collaboration
When working on a team project, you may have noticed that it is sometimes difficult for all members to get on the same page. Yammer allows users to communicate with one another on projects and interact in real time. Users can edit documents simultaneously for a more productive project environment.
Engage Your Staff
Yammer is a great way for sharing company-wide news and updates. Whether you want to announce a new account or update the entire office on a current project, your employees will receive these updates as soon as they are posted. No more missed emails due clutter, no more tossed memos.
Increase Inter-Office Communication
If your business has more than one location in different markets, Yammer is a great way for your employees from all over the globe to share their unique perspective and experience. This is especially useful if your employees are working remotely in areas that make travel impractical or impossible. Users can post questions and engage in company discussions as a means of gaining from the knowledge of others. Best of all, this information is then archived on the site for later use and access.
Quickly Acclimate New Employees
Because Yammer promotes communication between your employees in a natural manner, your new employees will feel more comfortable getting acquainted with company policies and productivity guidelines. Additionally, they will have access to the previous discussions and questions that have already been posted, saving valuable time and allowing them to jump into the fold more quickly.
Increase Company Loyalty
Turnover is a serious problem for many businesses, and the cost of hiring and training new team members can be significant. According to Yammer CEO, David Sacks, employees of companies that have used the platform feel more in tune with their company and connected to their co-workers. As a result, these companies have experienced less turnover.
Yammer is the next generation in office collaboration and provides a social media environment while promoting productivity.