Premium WordPress Hosting From WestHost

Check out our new feature-packed Premium WordPress hosting.

Catering to everyone from first-time website owners to seasoned web developers, WordPress has features for everyone. The popular Content Management System (CMS) delivers professional websites and requires little technical input from site builders.
Here at WestHost we’ve been hosting WordPress sites for years. Through cPanel, it’s always been easy for clients to quickly download WordPress onto their shared or dedicated server, and have their site up and running in no time.
In order to enhance the WordPress experience even more, we’re introducing a new product: Premium WordPress Hosting. This new package will allow you to take full advantage of everything WordPress has to offer while your site hosting is taken care of by industry experts. Packed with a speed boost, free access to premium themes and unparalleled support, our Premium WordPress Hosting is the go-to hosting package for those looking to optimize their website.
In a thriving business world, managing the server-side aspects of a website can be confusing and time consuming. With Premium WordPress Hosting you don’t have to worry about the technical details, leaving you to concentrate on producing engaging content. With our new hosting package you can easily set up your WordPress site and have it configured by the web server professionals (that’s us!).
Our WordPress servers are fully optimized and deliver significantly faster speeds thanks to CloudFlare technology. CloudFlare provides users with a Content Delivery Network, which ups speeds by utilizing servers all around the world. Combining this technology with WestHost’s robust hosting infrastructure delivers the ultimate WordPress performance.
Thinking about giving Premium WordPress Hosting a try? Check out the features here:

  • Managed and controlled within the CHI interface you’re already used to
  • Increased speed – servers are managed in a WordPress-exclusive dedicated environment
  • Over 75 FREE templates, which usually range from $10-$100 each
  • Easy to use – Premium WordPress Hosting comes with 280 voice-driven walkthroughs to guide you through the process of setting up your WordPress site
  • FREE tutorials for making the most of your site and using plugins ($60 per year/per site value)
  • Entirely managed hosting – we take care of the technicalities of the server
  • Premium plugins for your site
  • Advanced hosting using the latest SSD and CloudFlare technologies

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