March Madness: Bracket Secrets from the WestHost Team

We already described the unique bracket filling website coded up by one of our programming geniuses. Today we thought we’d speak with several employees to learn their methods for bracket greatness.
We start with Cameron, the developer behind the bracket predictor. Here is what he says about his program and its success:
“My program basically analyzes web traffic to the various school websites and formulates a score based on that. Long story short, if one school is getting a lot more traffic than others, it will do better in the bracket. Unfortunately, it appears that the correlation between web traffic and basketball performance is not a strong one and my bracket is performing at about 50%.”
Reed, a longtime member of our technical support team was among the 0.02% of Americans with a perfect bracket after day one of the tournament. His method involved some research, specifically by searching on Google for other people’s informed brackets. Regarding this approach Reed said, “Not much of a story there, other than getting the first 18 games right.”
Our resident HR guru Brian found a lot of early success with his bracket. His research included a few minutes of talk radio, and then he used the seeds assigned to each team to fill things out. The final piece of his method? “I spend one hour of meditation in the closest college basketball gym, eating Lucky Charms and channeling my Irish roots.”
Lastly we spoke with Adam from our client services team. He takes advantage of the autofill option to get things started. He then goes through and makes changes based on all the latest research and statistics. He likes to wait until the last minute as to avoid over thinking it.
So what is your secret? Does your bracket still have some life in it or is it completely busted?