Leaving No Trace: How Snapchat And Confide Are Changing The Way We Communicate

Confide recently launched a desktop app that allows us to communicate with increased privacy…

Are you holding back your digital conversations knowing that the recipient of your message can hang on to what you say forever? Well, those days are coming to an end. Thanks to Confide you can send messages, documents, photos and just about anything else to a friend or coworker, knowing that whatever you send will be deleted moments after.
This appeals to many considering the lack of privacy and security associated with our digital conversations. Confide ensures that the conversation you have with someone is deleted forever, preventing other people from happening on to private conversations or seeing emails they’re not supposed to.
This may just sound like Snapchat but with messages. Snapchat, for those who are not familiar with it, is an app that allows you to send a self-destructing picture to a friend. Once your friend views the picture it is deleted after a predetermined amount of time.
Snapchat has evolved over the last couple of years to introduce a chat feature, a face-to-face conversation option and also new features that allow you to see what’s going on in the news and with major events. Many businesses have proven that Snapchat presents an effective way of sending messages to their followers, gaining a larger client base and creating a fun environment to communicate.
So if you know a message is going to be deleted after a few seconds, why not just use that fancy screenshot feature? This does work with Snapchat. If you really don’t want your friend to see something you’re better off not sending it in the first place considering a simple screenshot will archive that regrettable picture forever.
However, Confide has taken their app a step further than Snapchat by including a screenshot protection feature. If you attempt to take a screenshot, a grey or black screen will obscure the message.
Once you reply to a message, your reply and previous messages are deleted forever, making it like your conversations never happened.
Why is our generation so concerned about never leaving a trace?
These new apps raise the question of why we want to be so secretive with how we communicate with others. What’s so important that it needs to be deleted immediately after?
Well with Snapchat, the biggest thing might just be the fact that you save yourself some embarrassment. If you want the entire world to see your glammed-up photos, you upload them to Facebook or Instagram. If you want to send a hilarious picture to your friend, you just use Snapchat. If you’re really trying to be confidential, it’s best not to send the picture in the first place (remember, a simple screenshot puts that picture directly into your friend’s photo album).
How many times have you seen a humiliating photo get thrown around the internet? Sometimes going viral is a hugely positive thing, but other times it’s a huge embarrassment. Snapchat is supposed to eliminate this risk.
Confide takes a more secure approach. This new app legitimately allows you to send confidential messages that will most definitely be deleted. This is very appealing to business matters that require a high level of security.
Say you want a coworker to simply take a peek at a spreadsheet without them passing it on to anyone else. Just send it through Confide and they’ll never be able to. Or maybe there’s a message that only one person should ever see. Confide guarantees this confidentiality.
When you don’t leave a trace of your conversation, you create an added layer of security to your sensitive information.
On the Confide website, it says “[Confide creates] unfiltered, honest and efficient communication in the workplace”. The idea isn’t to create a channel to send inappropriate things that no one should ever see. Instead, the point is to build a secure environment where outsiders can’t snoop around and see things they shouldn’t.
The bottom line is that the new generation doesn’t want all of their information and messages accessible by everyone. With so many hackers and so much corruption surrounding the internet, it’s so easy to fall victim to something you never intended. By keeping photos, messages, emails and work documents confidential, you lower the risk of exposing something you shouldn’t.
If you’re looking to increase your protection when sending messages, give Confide a try! It’s a free download packed with features. If you’re looking to send embarrassing photos to your friends, try Snapchat; just hope they don’t take a screenshot.

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