How To Use Moz Pro To Improve Website SEO

Search engine optimization is a curious blend of art and science. Programming and populating a site so it performs strongly in search results is surprisingly difficult. It’s made even harder by search engines constantly revising the algorithms used to determine each website’s position. Worse still, Google and Bing rarely publicize their changes specifically to prevent people hunting for dubious workarounds. Revisions are often noticed by accident, notably when analysts spot variations in the ranking performance of certain third-party websites.
Of course, you could try and make sense of this moving target personally, studying SEO until you know a keyword from a long tail. Alternatively, you could employ a specialist to take care of the hard work, and there are few organizations with as much industry expertise as Moz. Founded in 2004, in an age before Facebook existed, this SEO specialist is focused on helping companies to improve their online presence.

Introducing Moz SEO Pro

Moz Pro is a suite of SEO tools designed to improve website search engine standings. It crawls sites like Google and Bing might, setting benchmarks and evaluating metrics. These include understanding which keywords are being searched for by the public. Knowing your market isn’t the same as appreciating which words or phrases (the aforementioned long tails) potential customers are searching for at any given point.
Once it’s obvious which terms are significant to potential customers, it’s possible to measure your site’s performance in these searches. A small business might only need local search results, whereas a national firm will want data from across the US. Rather than using an arbitrary method of categorizing those results, Moz SEO employs a Search Visibility score. Easily understood (and equally straightforward to improve upon), this score is calculated across an entire website – including fringe content like subpages and captions.

Room for improvement

Because search engines are always discreetly refining their algorithms, SEO is an ongoing challenge. It can’t be dealt with once and then forgotten about after a site goes live. In fact, that is just the beginning. Using the Moz SEO evaluation tools it’s possible to receive prioritized recommendations for ways to optimize page content. Because SEO requires text to be efficiently written, it’s crucial to take every opportunity to add captions or lines of code that increase keyword usage across the site.
Another key factor when search engines calculate their rankings is the quantity – and quality – of inbound web links. Blackhat marketing agencies often promise entry into numerous directories which are nothing more than empty sites filled with web links. These low-grade platforms actively damage any associated site’s SEO performance, so definitely a method to avoid. By contrast, Moz Pro will investigate reputable existing links and suggest new opportunities. It’ll even research your competitors to learn from the areas they perform strongly in. And, rather than produce lengthy reports nobody will understand (or fully read), Moz SEO can deliver concise reports to key personnel instead. They can even be customized into bespoke PDFs.