How to Maximize Your Cpanel Capabilities!

Cpanel is a powerful control panel that can be used for changing different tools of your hosting package. This can range from email hosting, database control, and performance tracking. However, some people don’t take full advantage of their Cpanel tools, so let us inspire you!

Here are our top tips on how you can use your Cpanel account to the fullest:

Utilize your databases: Databases can be extremely useful no matter the size of the website. PHPMyAdmin can be used for a lot of functionality and scripting control for editing specific areas in databases. This eliminates the need for software such as MySQL, and can save a lot of money. User control can also be handled through the MySQL database area if access to certain tables need to be controlled for multiple users. Lastly, there is also the option of setting up daily scheduled backups through Cron Jobs. These can also allow you to run a command at times set by the job. For example, you could set a Cron job to delete temporary files every week so that your disk space is not being used up by those files.
Host email accounts: Generally, a Cpanel account will allow the ability to host email accounts on there. These can be utilized for all domains on that hosting package, so taking advantage of this can help ease the burden of controlling email accounts, especially if there’s multiple spanning across several domains. Cpanel also includes the feature of SpamAssassin to use with email accounts, so it’s wise to incorporate this as well to help reduce unwanted spam and phishing emails. You can also go one step further on email security by going into the Authentication area of your email section and enabling the SPF and DKIM settings from within there. Both of these combine serve to verify incoming emails and specify servers and IP addresses that are authorized to send emails from your domains.
Content Management System: Having a place to manage and organize your CMS accounts is another huge advantage that Cpanel offers. Whether you’re using WordPress, Joomla, or Magento, it can be a great benefit for those new to set these up automatically through Cpanel instead of manually uploading the files. This is all possible through what’s called the Softaculous Apps Installer, which helps seamlessly download and create any of these accounts for domains and subdomains. Different kinds of software tools can also be downloaded such as calendars, wikis, and ecommerce shop sets. One thing to keep in mind, however, is to avoid downloading more than what you will actually use since that could create potential backdoor areas for hackers to take advantage of.
Stats usage tracker: Watching how many resources your hosting package is using can be compared to going to a doctor. It may not always be needed, but it’s a good practice to adopt when it comes to file optimization. Usually this incorporates the number of databases being used, disk space, input/output, virtual memory, physical memory, bandwidth, and storage space. Versions of coding and scripting languages are also included of what’s running on the server. These can help prevent outdated versions and maxing out any resources to prevent website downtime.
File Management: The biggest reason people obtain a Cpanel account is to have somewhere to host their website files. File manager is the built-in tool that can be used for any file changes but isn’t perfect. It can’t upload files larger than ten megabytes, but using file transfer protocol (FTP) will work around this problem. There is also the ability to set up limited FTP accounts in case multiple users need access to the website files without having access to everything. This also comes with its own login credentials for each account created, with the ability to set up secure connections if needed.
These are the main areas of Cpanel that will benefit you greatly if used together. There are more specific tools such as SSH and DNS control, error log tracking, and even an SSL certificate generator. It’s highly encouraged to dig deep into this powerful platform and get the most out of it.