How To Generate Marketing Ideas for your Small Online Business

The online world is an exciting stretch of endless possibilities, and running an internet-based small business is a dream come true. Many of us have chosen to leave the tedium of 9-5 behind, and venture out on our own. So, if you’re at the very beginning of your online business adventure, one of the best ways to get your website seen is to start with a marketing brainstorm: which online channels can work for you instantly and how will you go about it? We hope the following ideas will help spark many more for your online marketing strategy.

Social Media

The power of social epitomizes our generation. Social media is an entirely free way to market your site and it can have a hugely positive impact on your small online business. Social media used to be an optional part of an online marketing arsenal, but now it is a cornerstone. The most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and setting up a company page on any (or all) of them is a great way to get your business noticed.
Once you have your business set up there, get the conversation started by reaching out to friends, family, and new potential contacts! The more engagement you can drum up via social media, the more free marketing you can take advantage of. In addition, the more action that takes place around a post on any of these sites, the more those sites will show it in your users’ feeds and the more exposure your business will receive.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Regularly emailing your current customers – as well as potential leads – is another fundamental part of online marketing. When you email current customers, you stay at the forefront of their minds, as well as form a stronger relationship with them, making them more likely to repeat or increase their purchase with your company.
When you email potential leads, you have a platform from which to tell people why they need what your company has to offer. You can use sites like MailChimp for free (up to a certain number of users on email marketing campaigns, above which you’ll have to pay), and it will give your emails that professional look with an edge. A good email marketing campaign can have huge returns for getting new sales, so some investment can really be worth it.

Online Reviews

Generating feedback from your customers is an excellent marketing idea. Your top-notch product is the perfect calling card for your business,  so encourage your customers to talk about it online by asking questions about what they liked, what could be improved and maybe offer some prizes to be won. Posting online reviews will improve SEO for your site, as well as boost the public image of your company. There is a variety of resources you can use for this, including Google’s My Business page and Yelp; certain markets have more specific review sites, so find out what the right one for your niche is and get your customers to preach about your greatness!

Engage with the Industry

There are loads of conversations that take place every day online, and you can use these as ways to get your company noticed. If there is a popular blog that speaks about issues in your company’s field, consider guest blogging to get your company’s name out there. Alternatively just make thoughtful comments on current blog posts to assert yourself as a strong, informed voice in the industry. You can also try co-marketing with a company that offers a complimentary service or product, which can have great results for generating new business. The more active and knowledgeable the online community feels you are within your industry, the more they will trust your business and be willing to become a customer.


Video is a huge trend right now, and you can use it to market your business online in a few different ways. Case studies with your current customers can help give your company a personal touch, while also explaining more in depth what your company can do. You can also use video to produce tutorials on your product – this works whether it’s a physical product or a service.
There you have it, a few inspirational marketing ideas to drum up new business. Put these to work and your online business will not be so small for much longer!