How to Create an Awesome About Us Page

Knowing how to create awesome About Us pages is a crucial step towards promoting your business effectively. Alongside the homepage and contact page, this is arguably the most critical aspect of any website. It’s one of the first places new site visitors will go, and compelling content can persuade them that your company stands out from the crowd, and is the one to do business with.
Producing slick and succinct About Us pages can be surprisingly challenging. Making them too corporate can mean they’re easily forgotten, yet too wacky or weird may suggest unprofessionalism.

Here are our recommendations for designing About Us pages that will be impressive, memorable and effective:

Keep it brief.

Attention spans are dwindling, so get straight to the point. Condense your company’s USPs and ethos into the minimum word count possible, and break up copy with short paragraphs or bullet points. Picking out key points in larger bold text can help to retain audience attention.

Write in the first person.

Companies are powered by people, and staff will be the public face of any brand. Tell their stories in the first person to create a sense of empathy and personality. Small photos are also good, providing they’re not boring passport-style shots.

Incorporate unconventional design.

Why not have your company’s philosophy told in half a dozen speech bubbles from staff members, or turn it into a scrolling timeline of account wins and notable events? There’s so much more you can do than simply publishing a few dry paragraphs of left-justified text.

Celebrate triumphs.

We all love a triumph-over-adversity story, while achievements are memorable and impressive. Shout these from the rooftops on About Us pages to demonstrate your expertise and prowess – accompanying photographic evidence is also highly valuable…

Emphasise unique selling points.

Identify what sets your brand apart from the crowd, and use it to differentiate yourself from competitors. If your staff are able work from home or choose their own job titles, customers should be told about it. Why was the company created, and what do staff members excel at?

Avoid jargon.

People appreciate modesty and sincerity, so this isn’t the place to talk about blue sky thinking or singing from the same hymn sheet. Write as if you were talking to someone face to face – friendly and informal, with no semicolons or marketing hyperbole.

Include testimonials and quotes.

Some websites have a dedicated page for these, but it can be good to incorporate testimonials or comments into the About Us section. In these cynical times, people put great stock in each other’s opinions, so third-party quotes can be great for showcasing what your company does.

Conclude with a call to action.

Your company website is designed to sell or market products and services. There’s no excuse for allowing an opportunity to do this to slip by. Try to conclude About Us pages by inviting people to experience your brand for themselves, or discover how you can help them in future.
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