How To Create A Corporate Video – For Free!

Corporate films provide a great platform for promoting a company’s products and services. And, contrary to popular belief, they don’t cost a fortune to make. Indeed, with some careful planning and a few raids on the Android or iOS app stores, you can make a free corporate video that looks slick and professional. All you need is some imagination, plenty of free time and a couple of half-decent smartphones.

Here is our ten step guide to producing and uploading a free corporate video:


#1. Spitball a working concept.

To make a free corporate video that’s worth watching, a solid premise is vital. It needs to be relevant and fun – YouTube has 500 hours of material uploaded every minute, so audiences need a good reason to watch your clip.

#2. Put key messages front and center.

People abandon videos they’re not enthused with. If someone clicks off your movie after five seconds, they should still be able to understand it. Study skippable YouTube ads like Grammarly, which instantly convey key messages.

#3. Write a script.

Plan each scene or camera shot, and number them in order. Discuss your ideas with colleagues to ensure the main message will be portrayed effectively. Ask people for honest feedback on your plans, and look for ways to refine the script.

#4. Plan your visuals.

Seek out dramatic or interesting backdrops for filming, from local landmarks to your factory floor. There’s no need for green screen CGI trickery, but audiences expect more than a to-camera monologue delivered from behind a desk.

#5. Recruit colleagues/friends/relatives who are photogenic and/or have strong voices.

Audiences won’t expect professional acting, but some people are more comfortable on-camera than others. Avoid anyone with a nervous disposition or a monotone voice.

#6. Investigate your recording options.

To record a free corporate video, you’ll probably end up using smartphones or tablets, which is fine. Experiment with different devices to see which ones capture the best sound, or the most stable handheld picture.

#7. Film the footage.

Record each scene with two devices; cutaways improve the viewing experience, while alternative angles often work better than the main one. Before recording each scene, hold up a numbered card so you can ID that clip during the edit.

#8. Use free editing apps.

These are surprisingly abundant. For instance, Apple customers can use apps like Splice to modify everything from playback speed to captions and soundtracks. Try to avoid having a single shot lasting more than 15 seconds.

#9. Upload to a free hosting platform.

There’s no point hosting the file yourself if your server can’t cope with the traffic. YouTube is the market leader, with powerful servers hosting videos you can embed on corporate sites or social media accounts.

#10. Promote the video strongly.

Sing about it on social media, big it up in your company blog, and word-of-mouth it to everyone you meet. Each extra viewer will take away a new perspective on your company, so maximize every PR option at your disposal.