How To Choose The Perfect Web Hosting Package

Congratulations! You’ve decided to create your own website. A very wise choice for anyone who is hoping that their secure website will expand and create quantifiable results. Your next step is to choose a web hosting package that meets your needs but doesn’t cost a fortune.
Before you select a web hosting package, it’s important to understand exactly what you need and what the package you are looking for will provide. Below you will find five categories: resources, size, security, domain and email, each with information on how to be sure that you are happy with the results once you have configured your new site.   

Whether you are creating a blog, an online store, or any other website, you will want to ask yourself the following questions before getting started:


How many resources will your website need?

When website visitors request your website, you will use bandwidth to get your information from the server to their screen. The more bandwidth you have available, the faster your website will zoom across the internet. According to just about everyone on the planet, including search engines, faster websites are better. So you want to be sure that you have plenty of bandwidth to spare. WestHost offers packages from 1000GB bandwidth to unlimited bandwidth.

How much storage space will your website need?

With an amazing website comes a lot of data. Whether it’s images, text, customer information, databases or other storage functions, you will need disk space to store it all. Before choosing a web hosting package, you will need to decide how much space you will need. Luckily, there’s only one real rule: the more disk space the better. WestHost offers packages from 50GB of disk space to unlimited disk space for you to choose from, depending on what your website requirements are.  

Will you be handling sensitive information, or rely on search engines for organic traffic?

Security is crucial for any successful website. In order to have a website that search engines and customers trust, you must have an SSL Certificate to encrypt the data that passes from server to screen. SSL Certificates ensure that any data passing through the web is secure from capture by those who might intercept personal information and use it for malicious purposes. WestHost offers free SSL Certificates with our Business Hosting packages to protect you and your website visitors from vulnerabilities.   

Do you already own the domain you plan on using for your website?

If you already own your own domain, we can easily point it to your new web hosting package. If not, WestHost offers two web hosting packages that include a free domain name: Preferred Hosting and Business Hosting. Select the perfect domain for your new project by searching through our easy-to-use search tool found on the WestHost homepage. Simply add the domain to your shopping cart and create your website.  

How many email addresses would you like associated with your website/domain?

To create a reputable, professional brand, it is important that all outgoing email comes from a recognizable email address. Customers don’t trust Gmail or Yahoo email addresses claiming to be from a branded company. Depending on your needs, your web hosting package from WestHost includes between 100 and unlimited email addresses attached to your domain. Create successful email campaigns from while also sending individual email from It’s completely up to you!