Get Online In 5 Easy Steps

If you happen to be in the market for a new website, you are in the right place. Today we are going to cover how easy it is to get online with a little help from Website Builder from WestHost. In just 5 easy steps, your website can be open for business. Whether you are looking to build a digital representation of your brick and mortar store, a new engaging blog, or an ecommerce empire, we have all the tools and know-how you need to get started.
Simply follow the 5 easy steps below and get online in no time at all!

Step 1: Choose your FREE domain name

A free domain name is included in every Website Builder package. Simply search out the domain you are interested in, check availability, and add it to your shopping cart. If the domain you were hoping for isn’t available, simply choose from the suggested domains in the list. With a little creativity, you are bound to find the perfect domain for your project.

Step 2: Pick your Website Builder package

WestHost offers three different Website Builder packages for you to choose from. See the available options below:

Essential Package

Our Essential package includes everything you need to get online and is best suited to an individual website. It includes a domain, email address, 250MB of storage, and up to 10 website pages.

Business Package

The Business package is best for startups in their early stages. This package includes up to 1000 email addresses and space for 100 web pages.

Unlimited Business Package

The Unlimited Business package is perfect for ecommerce shops as it also offers a payment portal for easy checkout. Build up to 1000 web pages with unmetered bandwidth, and enjoy integrated ecommerce features with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Once you have chosen your Website Builder package, you can move on to the next exciting step: assigning email addresses.    

Step 3: Choose your professional email address

Depending on which Website Builder package you selected in the step above, you will now be tasked with assigning between 1-1000 email addresses. Each email address will be linked to your domain for professional communications between you and website visitors. If you are assigning just one address, you may want to choose However, if you are assigning more than one, you will most likely want to set up a process for creating and managing email addresses. Many companies find that it’s easy to assign all major departments an address, then individually sticking to a system.

Step 4: Customize your new website with helpful templates

Website Builder packages come equipped with 165 different templates to help you build a fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing website. Simply choose your preferred template, and start adding your website information. The drag-and-drop functionality makes adding images and text blocks a cinch. Website Builder allows you to simply click and go. Be sure that you include a helpful Contact Us page along with any content that will help website visitors become familiar with your brand and purpose. Use quality images, and carefully proofread content for best results.

Step 5: Press Publish

Now that you have added all of your individualized information, all that’s left to do is press Publish and share your creation with the world. Before you know it, your website will begin to attract visitors and business. Remember to use Website Builders social buttons to help spread the word about your new digital masterpiece.