Five Great Ways to Monetize Traffic on YouTube

Make Money on YouTube
According to recent statistics released by YouTube, over 800 million unique users visit the site each month and that traffic from mobile devices had tripled since 2011. These statistics are quite endearing for most marketing executives, either big or small, as it offers a cheaper alternative to advertise to a global target audience. In addition, most of the site viewer’s fall under the ‘favored demographics‘ category that gives the site an inherent advantage to attract entertainment advertisers.
However, while there is a lot of buzz and interest regarding this emerging advertising platform, uncertainty and lack of information hamper most people from monetizing their traffic on YouTube. To shed light on this pertinent issue let’s look at some of the ways one can benefit from their YouTube videos.

  1. YouTube Partner Program
  2. If you frequently upload quality videos, you can apply for the YouTube Partnership Program and get monetary benefits from the ads placed on the video page itself and those placed on other locations on the site. Nevertheless, in order to be incorporated into the program one needs to show consistency in producing quality and catchy videos.

  3. True View in Streams
  4. YouTube created this feature to help content generators monetize their videos and at the same to offer advertisers ‘space’ to display their ads. Additionally, as a result of the recent proliferation of smartphones and tablets, YouTube has integrated True View ads on mobile to capitalize on these new trends.

  5. Redirect Video Viewers to your Site
  6. With the right mix of creativity and luck, it’s possible to make a video go viral and boast of up to one million viewers on YouTube. Because this is a highly unpredictable outcome, primarily based on viewers’ tastes and preferences, one may not be fully prepared to reap from other avenues. However, one way to capitalize in case the video goes ciral is to ensure that your website link is always featured in the video. It is then easy to redirect your video viewers to your site from where you can convert the traffic into advertising revenue.

  7. Video Subscriptions
  8. Since videos are targeted for niche marketing, it’s important you ensure your YouTube videos include links to subscribe to your channel and eventually move the traffic to your site. Additionally, subscriptions enable your fans tosee your videos immediately after logging in. This increases the chances of directing them to your site, not once but severally, and building relationships that can be capitalized for future campaigns.

  9. Ads on Video
  10. YouTube gives content generators the opportunity to incorporate ads on their videos as long as the number of viewers exceeds 10,000. Although the pay is considerably low, if you have a couple of videos that are doing good then the gross pay can be considerably high.