Email, Domain, Security: The Website Trifecta

If you had to put email, domains and security in descending order of priority to your business, which would come first? Some people might suggest security should to be paramount, whereas others may favor an appropriate company domain. Yet email’s significance as a communications and marketing tool means it surely has to be the number one priority when creating an online presence. After all, domain names can be acquired with over a thousand top level domain suffixes, so availability is hardly an issue. And if you use a reputable website builder, reasonable levels of security should be a given.

Security blanket

Nonetheless, some web hosting companies don’t take website security as seriously as WestHost does. Our website builder platform uses streamlined code to minimize vulnerabilities, while SSL certificates for secure browsing are available with every package. In fact, SSL certificates are bundled in free for Business and Business Unlimited customers. We offer hundreds of fully responsive templates, giving an equally stable browsing experience on desktop or mobile platforms. And our data centers are incredibly secure, being manned 24/7 by IT experts amid a level of security normally associated with major banks and financial institutions.

What’s in a domain name?

Choosing domain names has never been easier either. There are over a thousand top level domains in existence nowadays, ranging from country code TLDs (.us, .uk) to generic ones (.today, .net). To simplify user choice and maintain quality service, WestHost doesn’t sell every TLD on the market. Some have become associated with spam (.men, .top), while others are simply too niche for us to recommend (.limo, .soy). The TLDs we market are either industry-specific (.computer, .tv) or universally recognized by consumers (.net, .org).

Message in a bottleneck

Despite the development of social media and the rise in encrypted communication platforms, email remains invaluable as a method of corporate communications. A branded email account instantly identifies communications relating to orders, inquiries, marketing campaigns and the like. Every email promotes brand awareness and – when it’s presented properly – infers professionalism. It’s therefore vital to have email hosted on a secure and reliable server with at least 99.9% uptime, alongside the ability to access accounts via webmail (or import them into software packages such as Outlook and Thunderbird).

The best of all worlds

When it comes to prioritizing between email, domains and security, WestHost aims to ensure our customers don’t need to make that choice. We treat all three services with the utmost importance, which is why our website builder and site management tool is the only web management platform you’ll ever need. Even beginners can drag and drop content into one of our carefully designed templates, whose minimal code footprints ensure they load quickly and display consistently on any device. Advanced users can directly edit the code, while beginners don’t have to worry about it. And modifications are as simple as logging into our website builder’s CMS portal and making whichever tweaks you feel are necessary. Email, domain or security? Why not all three?