How Could A Dedicated Server Benefit Your Business?

There are a range of upsides to running your own dedicated server.
Let’s hit the ground running with due diligence, and say this: not every website needs a dedicated server. Although every website would stand to benefit from having a dedicated server, it’s simply not necessary for all sites out there.
Therefore, we are not going to try to convince every last person who reads this that they should have a dedicated server. However, in certain circumstances – and perhaps more circumstances than you might think – dedicated servers are a great hosting solution that can increase the power of your website and, more importantly, the digital fortitude of your business.
Does your business fit into this category? If you match one or more of the following criteria, a dedicated server should be high on your list of next-step considerations.
Poor Website Performance
This is the sign that’s easiest to recognize when deciding if your site needs a dedicated server. High traffic volume can affect your site’s performance in many ways, spotting the warning signs can be essential to nipping this problem in the bud before it affects access to your site. Has your page loading time begun to increase? Are you receiving lots of error messages resulting from high volume traffic? Is your current server just plain overloaded? If so, then a dedicated server is a must, and if your business continues to progress then it will continue to expand; however, if customers can’t access your site, it’s almost like having no site at all.
Security Risks
This goes along with increased traffic. An increase in visitors also means an increase in the risk of a site attack. Dedicated servers offer an advanced level of security against hackers, increasing the safety of your site and minimizing the response time to an annoying and time-consuming security threat. What’s more, by localizing site attacks to a dedicated server, those ne-er-do-wellers will be easier to track and stop for good, helping to fight the good side of global internet security.
Debugging Delays
Websites have a lot of moving parts, and it is inevitable that one of these moving parts will malfunction at some point. If you are working on a shared server, figuring out what went wrong could take an extensive amount of time. You may be relegated to the bottom of the waiting line, or your issue may be intertwined with loads of other sites, therefore making the length of time it takes to debug your problem much greater. By having a dedicated server, your team will be working with one set of code: yours. This will greatly decrease the time it takes to diagnose a problem and fix it.
Reduced Autonomy
You have worked hard to set your business apart from all the others in the marketplace; however, when it comes to a shared server, you’re just another face in the crowd. Furthermore, by using shared servers you are tying yourself down to the Ts and Cs of your server host, and the bigger your server host gets, the smaller your freedom becomes. Scaling up becomes a lot harder when you are bound by the red tape of your server host and the restrictions they place on your site’s functionality, whereas dedicated servers give you enhanced ability to develop a more customized outline of your site’s needs.
If you’re reading over all this dedicated server talk and don’t think you have the technical prowess to tackle a move to a dedicated server yourself, don’t worry. We have a server support team that will help you along each step of the way, as much or as little as you require. Get the conversation started with our team via live chat on and let us show you how dedicated we are to helping you improve not only your site, but your business as well.