Will the coming Smartphone revolution kill the Zynga & Facebook Tango?

It seems both consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on Facebook these days to stay social and boost sales respectively. WestHost has joined this growing trend using Facebook to provide updates and special offers.
Just about any new site development may entail building custom tabs and iframes for a Facebook business page that sucks content from the website and then feeds it back to Twitter.
But, it’s also becoming a money-spinner for app developers such as Zynga that’s now considered on par with Google in terms of its tech pedigree and financial clout.
If Google represents web 2.0 then Zyanga epitomizes Gaming 2.O, with nearly 222 million users playing its assorted games on Facebook each month. It is now worth somewhere in the vicinity of $20 billion.
But it works both ways: Facebook relies on nearly 12% of its revenue from Zyanga gaming thus intertwining both of them in a symbiotic relationship that could one day get ugly. Nobody in the tech industry likes dependence; ask Adobe after Job’s fired “Flash” from its iPad!
The upcoming Smartphone and Tablet revolution has both Facebook and Zyanga scrambling to find ways to detangle themselves from each other, even though they are both benefiting from the current Tango.
“Then there is the Facebook issue. Analysts are concerned that Zynga, which derives nearly all its revenue from the social network, will not be successful at building out its independent platforms, particularly for mobile devices,” said the New York Times.
Bloomberg reports that Zynga is “seeking new sources of revenue after raising $1 billion in its initial public offering. By selling services to other developers, it may reduce its reliance on Facebook, which accounts for more than 90 percent of sales and takes a 30 percent cut of virtual goods sold in Zynga games.”
Zyanga is calling this Facebook exit “Project Z” geared towards reducing its dependence on the intergalactic social network. It is even considering getting into online gambling, especially Poker, if one is to believe a recent Forbes report.
The article also reports that Zyanga has grown its mobile base to 15 million daily active users and are now available in 17 international languages. Most of this activity is driven by its Cloud infrastructure, called Z Cloud which powers 80% of all online applications.
And, the upcoming IPO of Facebook seems intimately linked to how Zynga performs on public brokerages, which has not been good recently. Since growth has slowed for both of them they are now firmly focused on recruiting Smartphone and Tablet users.
It seems the target set by Gartner for 2013, which prophesies that Smartphones and Tablet web usage will exceed that of traditional desktops and laptops is becoming critically important for everyone including website designers and giant tech sites like Facebook, Zyanga and Google.