Celebrating PHP with Code Contest

PHP Contest by WestHost, PHP Web hosting
As a promoter and leader of the PHP Web hosting circle we decided to have a little fun in the community by announcing the start of our PHP code contest. If you know anything about PHP you’ll want to participate! We’ll be hooking up winners, mainly selected by vote from peers, with books and shirts from PHP Architect, software from Zend, or a System76 laptop pre-installed with Ubuntu; yep, we’re geekin’ out.
The contest is a way for you to share code you’ve developed with the greater community, be recognized for your efforts, and win prizes that relate to your favorite coding language.
We love the huge following and great strength in the community of independent developers who use and enjoy PHP. We recognize the time, effort, and commitment developers put into honing their craft, and the overall impression their work has made on the web… we tip our hats!
You only have until March 15th to submit your PHP code and get your network to vote so…
Ready. Set. Go! http://www.westhost.com/contest/php/