Can your host grow with you?

This is not a question many people think about when selecting a hosting provider, but I believe it is something that should be considered. What happens when your Web site really starts to take off and you’ve outgrown the server resource limits of shared hosting? The last thing you want to worry about is whether your provider can meet your needs.

With many companies there simply is no option, and they will kindly ask you to leave. Several hosting providers offer dedicated servers, but that is not always an easy solution. Hosting providers run various control panels on their dedicated server offerings, and often there is no seamless way to make an upgrade. This requires DNS changes, re-uploading files, etc. You must also consider whether the dedicated server offering is managed by your hosting provider or if you are responsible for maintenance. Are you ready for the burden of being a systems administrator? Most people don’t have the time or experience to handle that responsibility.

At WestHost we are fully prepared to seamlessly accommodate your growth. Clients starting with our shared hosting packages can upgrade to our semi-dedicated offering. From there you can advance to a fully-managed dedicated server. Throughout each upgrade, you don’t have to lift a finger. There are no changing platforms or control panels. From start to finish WestHost maintains the responsibility of managing your hosting infrastructure.