Benefits of Responsive WordPress Design or Themes

13th November, 2012 by

WordPress Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets are becoming popular devices for consuming web content hosted on professional hosting platforms. Consequently, small businesses should consider deploying responsive WordPress website designs that display correctly on smaller devices and open up new avenues to acquire traffic, leads and customers.

“Sales of consumer electronics on the web are growing smartly. Online sales of consumer electronics will climb from $48.6 billion in 2012 to $80.2 billion in 2016,”said eMarketer in a report on US Computer and Consumer Electronics Retail Ecommerce Sales.

WordPress is one of the most highly recommended content management systems (CMS) and open-source blogging platforms on the market – a natural choice for building websites purposed towards mobile devices.

Responsive WordPress designs are themes that display “a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment,” Emil Uzelac, developer of Responsive Theme explained.
Cross Browser Compatibility

A responsive design can support all kinds of browsers, whether for PC, iPad tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device.

Clients may use different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and many more. This is an opportunity but also a technical challenge.

Brand Awareness
From a micro perspective, mobile browsing is increasing with smartphones and tablets accounting for about twenty percent of web traffic in the U.S and Canada.

Chitika, an online advertising network, published their analysis on web traffic devices. Smartphones, they said, share 14.6 percent of web traffic and 5.6 percent on tablets respectively.

“On the mobile device front, however, Apple continues to dominate with its iOS mobile operating system,” Apple Insider staff claimed.. “The iPad crushes competitors as far as internet usage metrics are concerned, with users of Apple’s ubiquitous device accounting for 95 percent of all tablet traffic.”

A WordPress responsive design can generate leads to local clients browsing through the Internet for products and services on their phones.

Increases Web Traffic
Mobile devices generally account for ten percent of traffic on the global Internet.
“That traffic quickly receded below the nine percent mark, but it’s jumped back up to 10 percent four times since then, and unless something drastic happens, it’s fairly safe to say that phones are responsible for one-tenth of worldwide Internet usage,” Sean Hollister of The Verge reported.

The stats were published by a web analytics firm StatCounter. Tablet usage was excluded from the statistics, which means the figures could go higher, if we consider tablet devices.

Is your company website generating 10% of its traffic from mobile devices? What does your web analytics program tell you?

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