6 Ways To Resist The Summer Slump

It’s summer solstice, which often makes for a slow sales month. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Take control of your summer and use the extra daylight hours to grab new customers, keep the customers you have and prepare for a very successful fall. Use these six spectacular tips to keep your ecommerce business booming as the temperature soars.

#1. Update your product descriptions.

If the summer is leaving you with a little bit of extra time on your hands, it’s the perfect time to tackle this task. While it might not be the most exciting aspect of ecommerce, giving your product descriptions a facelift will boost your search engine optimization and your sales. A little keyword research will go a long way, and before you know it, the sales will be rolling in.

#2. Make it a contest.

Get creative and give your customers a chance to get interact with your business. Include a fun summer giveaway and you are sure to see some extra activity across social media accounts, and from there back to your website. Just be sure to clearly outline your terms to avoid confusion and frustration.

#3. Create a loyalty program.

While this may seem like a daunting task, there are numerous companies who specialize in loyalty programs who would love to help you design a way to keep your customers coming back. With a little bit of research, you can decide if you would like to work based on points, shares or purchases. A little bit of work now might keep you from experiencing a summer slump next year so that you can focus a little less on keeping the customers you have.

#4. Create new content.

From blogs to videos, the options for creating new content are endless. Think outside the box and see if there is a series of posts that you can release to answer all frequently asked questions. You could even create a series of videos demonstrating an often searched task. Put on your thinking cap and try to be helpful to those who use your product. One engaging blog post could turn your entire summer around.

#5. Get outside and lend a hand!

While it may not be easy to leave your workspace, summer is the best time to get out into your community and help out. Just think of the brand recognition and PR boost your business could receive. Whether you are growing a garden, cleaning up the streets or participating in a charitable event, the warm fuzzy feelings you cultivate will last long into the winter months ahead.

#6. Create an email campaign.

Summer email campaigns and newsletters can often suffer from reduced take-up. However, if you use an email address tied to your ecommerce website and research some effective subject lines, you might just get the summer sales boost you need. Try to think of ways to make your customer’s life easier by having a sale on a product they need in the summer or by bundling products often purchased together.
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