5 Choices Every Website Owner Must Make

Building a website is a large task that may seem insurmountable when starting out. Rather than becoming overwhelmed, you can break tasks into smaller pieces to reach completion. Website building is no different. In this post, we break down building a website into five major choices that will help you get to publishing your site in no time at all.

Decision #1: How will you build your website?

It’s not so frequent these days that someone looking to launch a website decides that they are going to learn code and start programming their site from scratch. Instead, we more frequently see clients who choose to get ahead by using a website builder or applications like WordPress. These two inexpensive options allow you to focus on the big picture of your website rather than individual lines of code. WestHost offers both WordPress hosting and our easy-to-use Website Builder to help get you online without learning a programming language or hiring an expensive web developer.

Decision #2: What size will your website be?

Choosing the perfect web hosting package depends on how much you plan to do with your website. For example, a one-page resumé needs a lot fewer resources than an extensive business website with contact forms and calendars. Knowing what you would like your website to do will help you choose the package you need. Take a look at our various sizes of web hosting packages and what they offer to get an idea of what your new website requires.

Decision #3: Which web address would you like for your website?

The domain you use for your new website determines brand recognition and search engine availability. For example, if you choose a long or hard-to-type web address, your website users will have a hard time finding your site. Also, if you choose a website that is closely related to an existing website, you may be marked as fraudulent and not appear in search engines at all. The web address ending isn’t as important as the domain as a whole. From .com and .net to .guru and .online, your domain should be short, original, memorable and easy to type. A great domain name doesn’t have to cost a fortune. WestHost offer a free domain name with every web hosting package so you get a complete website for one low price.

Decision #4: Will you need technical/design assistance?

The assistance you may require when building your website may determine the web host that you choose. If you would like around-the-clock support and expert technical advice, we suggest that you research your web host before picking a web hosting package. For example, here at WestHost our technical support team is available 24 hours a day to help you solve your tough web hosting questions. You can reach us by creating a ticket, giving us a call or by opening a chat. Our support staff is always available to get you online and keep you there.

Decision #5: How do you plan to market your website?

This may not seem like a question that you need to answer immediately, but knowing how you plan to market your site determines the requirements you will need to build into your website. Social sharing buttons are important for social media marketing, and professional email addresses are crucial for email marketing. Our Website Builder bundle provides both easy to install social sharing buttons and professional email addresses that match your free domain name. WestHost has created the perfect package to provide you with everything you need to get online in a flash. To learn more about WestHost’s Website Builder options, simply click here.