3 Considerations for Your Next Logo Design

Something has happened that’s never happened since we opened our doors almost 14 years ago… we designed a new logo!
Logo history of WestHost, affordable Web hosting
It was an eventful trip and we wanted to share a few things we learned along the way.

Considerations for your next logo design

1 – Logos Aren’t Everything

  • Obviously designing a new logo was a long time coming for us. We had to remind ourselves that the logo is not our brand, just a small part of it. Dan Pallotta wrote a great article that hits the nail on the head, “Brand is much more than a name or a logo,” Pallotta said. “Brand is everything and everything is brand.” In a nutshell your brand is your whole business model encapsulated; strategy, marketing, internal and external communication, customer service, product, etc. not just the aesthetic awesomeness. The “walk the talk” principle embodied.

2 – Be Inspired

  • Thanks to our one true love, the triple-dub (AKA World Wide Web), we were inspired by the work of so many other companies and designers; a simple search pulls up many articles and resources. UnderConsideration’s Brand New offers “opinions on corporate and brand identity” with many before-and-after logo examples. Logo Lounge was another favorite places to gain inspiration and see their idea of logo design trends.
  • We paid attention to banded styling, with secondary dabbles using opacity and gradients to draw lines between colors in an elegant way.

3 – Timing

    When to design a new logo? To do it, or not to do it; that is the question… Timing is an important part of launching a new logo and although we were flexible with the timing of our logo launch there are a couple good rules of thumb to follow. It’s good to know when to launch a totally new logo and when to brush up the current one, especially logos associated with a single product.

  • If you are releasing an update to an existing product then a brush up is appropriate. Brushing up the logo indicates something has changed while sending the message it’s not completely different. See our example above or Photoshop’s last three logo renditions.
  • If you have completely changed the product and the user experience has drastically changed then a new logo (even consider a new product name depending on the scale of the change) could be the route to take. A new logo obviously indicates a new product and/or a big change.
  • Another big reason to change the logo is simply because it looks like that outfit you’ve been wearing since 9th grade; you know, the one your significant other keeps trying to donate to the thrift store because he/she can’t stand to been seen with you in public. Such was the case with us; it was time for a better, newer image. 🙂

The Photoshop logo is a good example of one that has changed over time. With new enhancements etc. they’ve released a new logo; sometimes a brush up, sometimes a totally new design.
Photoshop logo history
Photoshop logo history
Photoshop Logo History
Photoshop Logo History
I’ll be honest, it was very hard to see the website with the old logo replaced because it has been with us since we began! However in just a few days we got over it and it feels great!
Thoughts on the new logo?
Been through this yourself or have an opinion? Please share!