2015 As Seen On Twitter

Twitter has a knack for summarizing events in 140 characters or less. Take a look at what Twitter had to say during 2015…
Social media has never been more a part of our daily lives than in 2015. News travels quickly, and Twitter is the chosen method for delivering up-to-the-second information to followers. Facebook and Instagram provide great ways to keep in contact with one another, but if you are looking for breaking news, Twitter is the place to be.
Twitter’s 320 million daily users take to the platform to discuss news as it breaks, sharing their opinions and spreading the word with the use of hashtags. From major government decisions to celebrity gossip, each trending topic represents another event that occurred over the last twelve months. Here is what the top tweets and hashtags from 2015 can tell us about this past year:

When news broke that the Supreme Court had legalized gay marriage across the country, #LoveWins became the the slogan to represent the major change of US policy. Supporters of the decision used rainbows and hashtags to celebrate their success and all social media platforms were flooded with vibrant colors.
Hashtag activism – which has also been referred to as “slacktivism” due to its casual nature – has shown increasing popularity as protesters and activists discovered that Twitter is a great way to contact other like-minded supporters. #BlackLivesMatter acted as a call to action following many controversial events that took place in cities across the country in 2015.
Harry Styles

Teenage hearts the world over broke with the announcement of Zayn Malik’s departure from the band One Direction. Perhaps surprisingly, it was Harry Styles’ response to the situation -with a tweet reading “All the love as always” – which exploded in the Twittersphere with over 700,000 retweets, becoming the most retweeted tweet of the year. The sentiment was mutual among all One Direction fans.
#JuSuisCharlie / #PrayforParis
Paris had a year filled with sorrow in the aftermath of two terrifying acts within the city. Twitter users showed support with various hashtags of support. Two of the most popular hashtags included #JeSuisCharlie in respect to the journalists working on the Charlie Hebdo magazine who were killed in the first of the attacks on January 7th, and #PrayforParis which could be found throughout much of the year following November’s attacks.
LLAP (Live Long and Prosper)

Leonard Nimoy left the Earth on February 27th of this year and left behind this tweet to travel across with his final message which was to live long and prosper, and rightly so. His message set off a chain reaction of condolences for the loss of this great man.
Each year offers its own blend of happy and sad, and 2015 is no exception. Looking forward to another beautiful year and all of the joy and sorrow that makes up the minutes, hours and days. Happy New Year from WestHost – from all of us, to all of you.

What was your favorite tweet of the year?

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