10 Things You Could Be Doing With The Time Saved By Using A Website Builder Tool

Save time and money with a handy website builder tool!
I am way behind on doing my laundry, but my laundry list is nothing compared to the to-do list of a small business owner. Days, nights, and weekends are all full of a seemingly never-ending catalogue of tasks to accomplish before your company can get up and running as the well-oiled machine you want it to be.
One of the most time-consuming of those tasks is designing a website. For many businesses a website builder tool – such as the WestHost Website Builder – is adequate to build a great site; the truth of the matter is that designing and building a website takes time – and a lot of it. By using a website builder tool, you can free your schedule up to focus on more important things. Like what, you ask?
Brainstorm with your board
Whether your board is a conference room full of experienced corporate executives or a garage with your two best buddies, lobbing ideas back and forth is a great way to get everyone on the same track with where your business is heading.
Prepare your budget
I won’t pretend to be a financial guru and bestow upon you brilliant Excel secrets to budget nirvana, but it is essential to have a solid economic plan in place before you begin, Otherwise that garage board meeting may sound like a paradise setting compared to the digs you may eventually find yourself in.
Decide on the legal structure of your company
You’re going to need legal fortitude when your business explodes with success, so get the framework set from the early days.
Pick a coffee machine
This is quite possibly the most important thing you can spend your time and money on. Enough said.
Design your company’s logo
Your logo will represent your business online, in print and in the field. That makes it a pretty important part of your setting up process, so put some time and effort into the creation of a logo that looks great in all formats.
Choose a name for your business
Catchy, accessible, descriptive – your business name needs to be all those things and more. We go into this in more detail here.
Decide on a location
There are lots of different spots to choose from when it comes to office space, so choose one that fits the style of your company. Are you in the financial sector? Find a spot near other finance companies and banks. More on the creative side? Choose a setting that is also used by artists, heavily influenced by the local art scene, or at least in a funky neighborhood that lets you find your artsy groove. You can also opt for keeping everyone home-based in the beginning to save on funds – who likes commuting to work anyway?
Get funded
Each company will have their own unique way of getting funding, whether it be angel investors, wealthy relatives, or Kickstarter campaigns. Whatever your road to the green, make sure it’s robust.
Research the market
Unless you’re incredibly forward thinking and riddled with ingenuity like the founders of Uber and Facebook, you are probably going to have competitors in your field. Do as much market research as possible to see who the major and minor players are, then make sure you have something better to offer them. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and without a unique product or service you won’t be able to do so much as roll over.
Get staffed
Depending on how big your budget is and the number of collaborators you plan to have from the outset, you should start looking for staff. Start with essential positions, the ones that will accomplish what you need to get done first, then you can fill in the gaps later with more specialized resources.
There are a lot of ducks to get in line before launching your small business. However, by building your site with a handy website builder tool you can free up those days, nights, and weekends to focus on the important stuff. Now back to shopping for that new coffee maker.
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