The Top 3 Antivirus Software Companies of 2017

As you head into your third quarter you may be asking yourself if you have kept your data secure. Millions of people lose their identity every year from public Wi-Fi, or from failing to use ad-blocker. Even the simplest of phishing scams can lead to millions of dollars being lost every year.

Here is a list of the top seven antivirus software companies and the packages that they offer:

#1. Norton
Norton Antivirus has been around for over twenty years, and has led industry standards for antivirus and malware protection for both home and business. Just this year Norton received both the award for best protection and the innovation award for mobile security. The one thing unique to Norton is that it warns you about social media scams as well as suspicious content. Norton is at the top of the list because they offer the most affordable individualized packages for many different needs as well as offering a bundle discount. With over fifteen different products in the antivirus line there are many options to choose from:
Norton Security Premium

  • This software has the capability of protecting against the Petya ransomware as well as 25 GB of cloud backup. The automatic backup makes saving important photos and documents effortless.

Norton Antivirus Basic

  • This package offers the 24×7 threat monitoring networks as well as providing the basic necessities of a basic antivirus software. This means that this software will protect you against phishing attempts, as well as having the added benefits of a no-ad environment. This comes at the very affordable price of $19.99 for the entire year’s worth of protection.

Norton Clean

  • This software aims to remove the unwanted files from your mobile environment. This includes both bloatware as well as removing data from ads that appear in your mobile  browser to keep your mobile devices secure on the go. This software also sweeps your memory cache and SD storage.

Norton WI-FI Privacy

  • This software is industry-strength encryption on your mobile device. This includes a no-log VPN and ad-blocking to make using public Wi-Fi safe again, meaning that you can check your bank account without the fear of your data being stolen.
  • Personal Firewall and well as unlimited devices are the unique features of this software bundle.

#2. Webroot
Webroot is a lesser known company, but it offers comparable services to the leading antivirus software giants. This private company made its way onto the anti-virus platform back in 2004, introducing the Spy Sweeper Enterprise two years after the initial launch of the Spy Sweeper. What is unique about this anti-virus company is its market towards internal IT insight. Spy Sweeper d enables IT professionals to launch their own antivirus antispyware across a network of devices, something that changed the way that people understood the anti-virus software marketplace. Being a cloud-based antivirus software this allows for the mobility as well as the versatility of a cloud based software. This makes the software updates and cache clearing more efficient and more cost effective. Some of the features include:

  • Identity theft protection
  • Worry-free updates and maintaining software integrity
  • No interruption in services

This includes packages:

  • Internet Security Plus
  • Internet Security Complete
  • Secure Anywhere Antivirus

#3. McAfee
McAfee has dropped from the list of leading antivirus software companies in the past few years, and their mobile-ready site leaves much to be desired. This company does use their own copyrighted Virus Protection Pledge which offers the money-back guarantee of virus removal if you are a yearly auto-renewal customer. One unfortunate aspect of the software is that it does not offer the equal protection for all devices, or any significant benefits from being a subscriber to the software.