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Category Archives: Web site Development

PayPal takes aim at television sets. Will your website shopping cart one day appear on Comcast Cable?

Well, it’s finally happening albeit in dribs and drabs: E-commerce is now not only swallowing up mobile devices — it’s about to spread to television sets! In the last few years, cloud computing and Smartphone adoption have been accelerating at dramatic rates, often fuelling each other in terms of both consumer and business requirements.    Website […]
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eCommerce Web Hosting Guide

What do Circuit City, Hollywood Video, and Borders have in common? All of them lost their market share to direct competitors that successfully employed an online storefront, or eCommerce: Best Buy, Blockbuster, and Barnes & Noble. Clearly, the capability to sell your product online is essential. It lowers your overhead costs and provides greater convenience […]
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8 Tips & Resources to Increase Site Speed

Web site speed has now become a more important factor following Google’s recent announcement that page load speed will be introduced to their 200+ factor algorithm. In a video interview with WebProNews software engineer for Google, Matt Cutts, said “It should be a good experience, and so it’s sort of fair to say that if […]
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The Top 5 Secrets of Professional Online Video

Online video is becoming more popular and fundamental to business success every day. is actually getting more search traffic than Yahoo!’s search engine. It is important that you feel comfortable producing your own media. Depending on your goals, you can produce a great video without spending a lot of money and without a professional […]
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AutoMOD: Customization Magic for phpBB3

One of the many site applications we offer is phpBB3, which claims to be “the most widely used open-source bulletin board system in the world.” Using phpBB3 you can create everything from large discussion forums to small game clan meeting rooms. It offers the tools necessary for moderation teams to maintain control of your site. […]
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Improving Apache Web Server Performance

Even to most Internet professionals, the Apache web server software can be as perplexing as it is ubiquitous. Although not as comprehensive as the official 685-page documentation, this post outlines two useful features you can enable in the httpd.conf file to improve the performance of your web server: persistent connections and gzip compression. Important note: […]
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Customizing Zen Cart, Part 2

In part one of customizing Zen Cart (found here) we covered changing the color scheme of your store to better fit your needs. In part two we will be discussing changing some of the main images that Zen Cart uses in the design. About Kevin GriffithsWeb | More Posts (2)
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Customizing Zen Cart, Part 1

One of our more recent Site Application additions has been Zen Cart. This e-commerce solution has many robust features and this article will give some detailed information, giving you the ability to modify the cart with your own look and feel. About Kevin GriffithsWeb | More Posts (2)
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Apache Tomcat 101

To all Tomcat users out there, I’m sure many of you have had questions on how to get things up and running; questions like ‘Is Apache Tomcat the same thing as Tomcat?’, and ‘How do I get the :8080 to go away?’ What is Apache Tomcat? Apache Tomcat and Tomcat are the same thing. Apache, […]
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Simple and Clean Menus with jQuery

Creating a nice-looking menu can be a challenge. You want something that’s clean, that looks good, and that fits into your site. These aren’t such demanding things to ask for in a menu, but if you search the Internet for “html menu”, you get all sorts of strange selections, varying in degrees of complexity, and […]
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