Google Will Now Favor Mobile-Friendly Sites

Last week we wrote an article about how crucial it is that your site is optimized for mobile and tablet use. With Google’s newest update you have even more of a reason to make your site responsive.

In order to keep everyone on their toes, Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm. The second you feel that you have everything figured out, expect some sort of update.
In the latest update that goes into effect today, April 21, Google now “favors” mobile optimized sites. In other words, sites that are mobile-friendly will rank higher than sites geared only towards desktops. Although we don’t know all the details of Google’s newly updated algorithm, it is expected to have a significant impact on results. In fact, some are even calling this “Mobile-geddon”.
Google first announced this change on their official blog back in February. They claim the reason behind this change is to accommodate the rapid growth of using mobile devices to browse the web. According to the announcement, the world’s largest search engine wants to make it easier for today’s large population of mobile users to access mobile-friendly sites.
This creates concerns for millions around the world. What if my site isn’t mobile-friendly according to Google’s standards? Is my site going to take a hit on Google rankings? What can I do to protect my site?
Google has provided its users (in other words, the vast majority of the world) with a way to check if their site is mobile friendly. First off, take a look at the Mobile Friendly Website Guide. This contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding the newest update. Second, run the Mobile-Friendly Test. This quick test will return easy-to-read results that tell you whether your site is mobile friendly or not. Go on, give it a try right now.
If your site doesn’t pass the test, it will display exactly why. For example, the text may be too small or the links may be too close together. If this is the case, Google will display suggestions on how to fix your site based on how it was developed. On the results screen you’ll be provided with links to help you optimize and improve your mobile site.
If your site passes, you’ll see the “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly” message and you can once again sleep easy at night. In addition to this encouraging message you can see exactly how a Google bot will view your site.
Depending on the route you took to create your site, you should be able to make the necessary changes to make your site mobile friendly. This may involve working with your developer or making the changes on your own. Refer back to our “Is Your Site Optimized For Mobile Use” post to find suggestions on how you can modify your site.
You can easily make your site responsive by using WestHost’s Website Builder. This easy-to-use tool helps you create a professional site without the need for any coding or other web development skills. As you go, Website Builder displays how your site will look on various devices.
Prepare yourself for the mobile age! Make your site is mobile friendly today.

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