Shared Hosting Can Empower Your Small Business

Getting your business online doesn’t need to cost a fortune.
The cost of starting a business can be really daunting; sourcing funding for your startup is an uphill struggle for any fledgling company. Getting your business online doesn’t have to break the bank though, and you can save money easily with just a few wise decisions.
When you’re getting started with your business website there are several options available in order to create a successful online presence. From building your website to getting it live on the web, WestHost can help you set up your online empire for less. From just $1/month you could get your domain name, website hosting and website build all ticked off your (no doubt lengthy) to-do list!
Web hosting is essential for any business who hopes to have an online presence, as without it your fancy new website won’t be accessible to anyone. So just what is web hosting? In essence, it’s the space you rent on a server (you can rent the whole server if you need to) that gives power to your website, serving it across the internet to anyone who’s looking to access it. Web hosting stores the files that make up your website’s code, transferring them via routers to your end users.
Most startups and small businesses will find that a shared hosting solution is more than ample for their business website, especially in the early stages.
Shared hosting is pretty self-explanatory: you rent space on a shared server, sharing the storage space, bandwidth (which determines the speed with which your website is delivered) and power with other sites. In some cases your site will be sharing resources with hundreds of other clients, but that doesn’t need to be a problem for your business.
Shared hosting can empower your business by giving you the recourses to get your online presence up and running. Why would you want to splash out on a meaty hosting solution like a dedicated server when you can simply rent the space you need on a shared server and still have a great website that runs smoothly?
A shared hosting solution is more than enough for a basic website, and can even support some more complex websites. When building your first website you should be aiming to provide as much information about your business as possible, including where customers can contact you and an engaging “About Us” section. All this can be compacted into a neat website with just a few pages, showcasing your products or services and providing an online channel for customers, old and new, to get to know your brand. This kind of website doesn’t take up too much space, and won’t require loads of bandwidth to transfer around the internet, so a shared hosting solution is a perfect fit.
Shared hosting is also ideal for first time webmasters who lack the technical expertise to run the back end of their site inhouse. With a shared hosting solution you won’t need to worry about any of the technical details; we take care of all of that over here! You can sleep easy knowing that there’s someone taking care of your server round the clock, which can be a great weight off the mind of any startup whizz.
The beauty of website hosting is that once your site outgrows your current package you’re able to migrate to a larger, more robust solution with ease. As WestHost we have a team of dedicated support engineers who can help you do just that, advising on the best solution for your business and providing assistance with your move. That means you are not stuck with a shared server for the lifetime of your website; your web hosting can grow with your business.
Find the shared hosting package for you today over on the WestHost website!