SEO And The Battle For Online Audiences

There’s an ironic inevitability about the battle for SEO supremacy. As more companies realize the importance of optimizing their websites, achieving a premium position in search results becomes increasingly difficult. And as Google and Bing endlessly refine their algorithms, it becomes even harder for small business owners to keep pace with the growing list of obsolete or outmoded SEO techniques. Even if you run an IT firm, that’s a big task. And if your industry is unrelated to the tech sector, it soon becomes overwhelming.

There are several ways to deal with the growing challenges of search engine optimization:

  1. Do nothing. Some of your rivals have probably adopted this approach, so you’ll only fall behind firms with a plan for maximizing site visitors via targeted marketing.
  2. Struggle along by yourself. How hard can it be? (The answer soon becomes clear when you start learning about Google Webmaster guidelines, or mobile site tagging.)
  3. Employ a full-time professional. You could pay the premium salary needed to attract a social media expert, and leave them to speak a language only they understand.

Alternatively, you could call on some expert help from a platform like WestHost’s SEO Guru. This package has been designed for people who don’t know their ftp from their http, because we can’t all be experts on progressive web apps or accelerated mobile pages. And even if we were, the shifting sands of search engine algorithms mean a real-life SEO guru might struggle to keep pace with the near-monthly changes being rolled out by Google.

SEO Guru Boosts Traffic

The purpose of a package like WestHost SEO Guru is to achieve optimal ranking results in Google and Bing. Our business-focused package begins by compiling a detailed performance report for your existing website, identifying technical issues including the absence of metadata or broken links. Tweaks like renaming web pages from .com/12345 to .com/productname can make a big difference to SEO performance, as will eliminating duplicate pages and minimizing non-HTML content. A typical report makes up to 150 prioritized recommendations, with clear and straightforward instructions on how to achieve each one.

Total Optimization

However, there’s more to this industry than identifying what’s been going wrong in the past. A key element of optimizing a website for search engines involves learning how to appeal to those web crawler algorithms. For instance, learning which keywords or phrases your customers regularly search for enables you to customize future blogs or other content to include these terms. Similarly, ongoing competitor analysis identifies areas where rivals are outperforming you. And knowing where your site visitors arrived from enables you to hone advertising campaigns, or stop wasting your valuable time on ineffective platforms.
Whether you choose our affordable SEO Guru Business package or the more powerful Business Plus scheme, we’ll give you all the tools required to succeed in the fight for online audiences. These include keyword ranking reports, competitor analysis and a bespoke plan of action. It’s all you need to elevate your website’s ranking position – and it’s free for the first 30 days.