Reasons Why You Should Build A Brilliant Blog

You may have heard that video is taking over the internet. Recode writes that by 2021, 81% of the internet will be video. That’s a lot of screen viewing. However, this statistic does not mean that you should focus your branding efforts on video alone. After all, there is still a lot of room on the internet for written content too.

Video did not kill the blogging star

When radio and television took the world by storm, the great literature of the world did not disappear. In the same way, videos will not put an end to blogging. Different types of content serve different purposes, which is why we have created this helpful list of why you should create a blog in addition to your video marketing efforts. See our top reasons below:

Engage with your audience

You might not realize this, but not all internet users love video. There are some of us who still prefer the written word. Even as we scroll through social media, we would rather click on your article than watch overhyped screens. Building a blog allows you to keep in touch with this demographic.

Create an opportunity

With compelling content and a great call to action, you can start readers on a path towards sales lead capturing, email signups, and even finalized purchases if that is your goal. A simple blog that is regularly updated can create opportunities that might not have otherwise existed.

Become an authority

When internet users are looking for answers, they are not willing to watch a four-minute video to find the information we need. In this situation, written content is still king. By building a blog to showcase your expertise in your field, your website can be the first port of call for visitors to stay informed and up to date.  

Build a brand personality

Every brand has a story to tell, and your blog can help you do just that. Buyers like to know that they aren’t simply purchasing from bots and automation. Use your blog to showcase your own narrative of how you got to where you are today. Shine a light on your employees, your struggles, and most of all your success.

Stand out

Building a brilliant blog can help you express your uniqueness. Whether you are selling products or services or just looking for a digital presence, a blog is the place to let your creative light shine. Be bold and exciting, connect to social media outlets, and start building an audience based on the person you know best: you.

Make money

If your goal isn’t to use a blog to promote an ecommerce business, you still have the opportunity to make money the old-fashioned way: through internet ad sponsorship. You can also make money by becoming an affiliate or through online courses. Really, the options are endless. All you need is a goal and a great blogging platform to get started.