Prepare For Website Success In 2019

A New Year is almost upon, us, a time for new beginnings and opportunities. Before the ball drops on the last minutes of 2018, be sure that your website is ready for 2019. Consider additional tools and services to help you make the New Year a smashing success.
Below we have listed a few of our favorite tools and services to get your website ready for an amazing year ahead. Be sure to contact our excellent support staff if you have any questions about the services mentioned below. WestHost succeeds when you succeed, so let’s get to it!

Additional Security

With each year that passes, the volume of malicious efforts to corrupt your data increases. It’s important to stay vigilant in your fight against cyberattack to maintain your reputation as a secure website that visitors can trust. Check out a few easy ways to boost your security below:

SSL Certificate Encryption

Website visitors now check for the green padlock in the URL bar when visiting new sites. The padlock, as well as the word “secure”, signifies that a website is protected by SSL encryption as data passes to and from the website. Show your site visitors that you prioritize their data security by installing an SSL Certificate.
To add an SSL Certificate to your website, simply log into your CHI account and add it to your shopping cart. Once you complete the checkout process, be sure to visit the WestHost Knowledgebase for tips on how to install your new SSL Certificate.

SiteLock Protects Against Malware

Malware can install keyword loggers to steal passwords, send spam on your behalf, or even shut down your website entirely. Protect your website from malware with a little help from SiteLock. This security tool will scan your website for any existing malware, remove any nasties that are found, continue to monitor your website, and alert you should your website become compromised. Don’t risk corruption. Install SiteLock to prevent any malware intrusion.

Speed, Performance, and Reliability

Website speed affects search engine optimization, your reputation as a website, website visitor satisfaction and more. Be sure that as we enter 2019, your website is ready to quickly deliver data around the globe no matter where in the world the request originates.

Cloudflare CDN

Add additional performance, security, and speed to your website with Cloudflare services. Cloudflare’s content delivery network (CDN) boosts your site while protecting you from DDoS attacks. Cloudflare creates copies of your website and stores them in convenient locations around the globe to cut latency and increase uptime. Simply add Cloudflare to your web hosting account and enjoy accelerated data delivery and peace of mind.

Search Engine Optimization

For website owners looking forward to a boost in organic traffic in 2019, a quick SEO check is a must. We recommend doing everything you can to speed up your website, as explained above, and getting a little extra help if necessary. Small SEO changes can make a huge difference in time spent on site, how many visitors you receive, and even overall sales.

Website SEO Guru

Our Website SEO Guru tool will quickly scan your website to search where any traffic might be falling through the cracks, after which you will receive a detailed report on the scan findings. If any trouble areas are found, Website SEO Guru will walk you through the steps necessary to fix the trouble spot and prevent any further SEO damage. For a full, free website scan from our Website SEO Guru tool, simply visit today.