Online Success Requires Excellent Web Hosting

If you have read or watched the news in recent months you have probably heard something about someone getting rich using Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. I’ll save discussions on social media success for later but I will tell you that to make money on your site you need a lot of visitors; and that translates into the need for unsullied Web hosting.
If you’ve figured out how to use social media for business success or if you are getting a lot of traffic through other means you have felt the burden of making sure your site is up 24/7. This can be an arduous task if you don’t have good hosting services.
How do You Find the Right Fit?

With several variations on many hosting packages, finding the best plan for your needs can be difficult. Choosing the best hosting plan is similar to the way some women may choose a pair of jeans.
Their search begins by checking out other women and the way their jeans fit. Then they start combing through ads looking for deals, variations and the right cut. They search from store to store trying on every pair that looks remotely fitting. After enduring the clothing rack gauntlet the ceremonial event of finding the perfect fit arrives. It does not matter how much the perfect jeans cost or how long it takes to get them, if that style makes them look and feel good, they will buy.
The steps to finding the right fit for your hosting account are quite similar, but not totally the same; unless there is some way you think your Web hosting could make you look fat 🙂
6 Steps
The following steps will help speed up your process to find exactly what you need whether it’s an upgrade, a whole new account, or confirmation that you choose wisely.

  1. Rely upon your online network – Talk to your friends and see what they use. With an attitude of openness for sharing information your online network will be glad to share their experiences, good or bad, about their Web hosting package. They will help you figure out what you really need and want.
  2. Visit non-biased review sites – Check out what people outside your network are saying about their Web hosting. Keep in mind that some comments posted anonymously don’t reflect the company in the right light and are no more than a bored teenagers attempt to gain attention.
  3. Visit company Web sites and compare packages – Most corporate Web sites will give you all the information you need to know about their hosting packages. Chat with their representatives online or call in and drill them with your list of questions.
  4. Can you upgrade if you start to burst at the seams? – Does the hosting provider allow you to upgrade if your site is growing? If it’s your goal, and you do things right, your site will grow and people will come. It is important that you have options to expand when the time comes. In other words, it‘s time to face reality: we all gain a little weight when we get older. If you prepare now it will be a lot less traumatic later.
  5. Do they have good technical support? – It is imperative that your hosting company have a good technical support team. Inevitably something will go wrong. Most of the time it is an easy fix and requires them to simply walk you through your mistake. Make sure they’re knowledgeable and accessible.
  6. Other features to look for – There are many features tied to hosting services. In my opinion I want (1) a good Web analytics program, (2) a free Web site builder, (3) an email address and (4) a strong guarantee.

Post your favorite jean and/or Web hosting experience below. Tell us what you do to find the right fit. Who knows, we may even include your story in a future post.