NPS Survey Winners

Come one, come all! Announcing the winners of our Net Promoter Score Survey.
People are talking about WestHost. How do we know? Because we asked them! In October 2014 we asked all WestHost clients what they think about us as a part of our net promoter score (NPS) survey and giveaway. We use NPS as a way of giving ourselves a grade on how well we are performing and what we can do to be better.Winner 5

Not sure what a Net Promoter Score is? Read this informative post:

What Do Your Customers Think About Your Business?

Here are some of the answers we received from our two-question survey:
“I think that your support is the top-of-the-line. Anytime I’ve ever had an issue or problem you guys were able to answer it and get me back up and running quickly.”

“I can easily reach someone on the phone when I need assistance and because tech support is US based I can actually understand them! CPanel makes it easy for me to access and maintain my web sites and the value that I get for my money is unsurpassed.”
“Westhost provides reliable and state of the art web page hosting. They offer an affordable service with a customer service emphasis. I have been impressed at how well they communicate with us via email regarding our web page and they have made our webpage management simple and straightforward.”
Now we don’t want to toot our own horn too much because there is always work to be done, as many of our amazing clients pointed out. Their constructive criticism allows us to see exactly what we need to work on in this coming year. Having said that, we do want to give our team credit when credit is due, because as you can see WestHost clearly rocks the web hosting world!
WestHost would also like to congratulate our contest winners:

Terri Roncone and Hiromi Cota*

*Third winner wished to remain anonymous.
Our winners received $100 and a giant thank you from our entire WestHost team. Thank you to everyone who participated in helping us provide the best services we possibly can!

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