Make your Mac roar with Lion OS upgrade

If you have not yet already done so an Lion OS upgrade from Snow Leopard offers a smoother, cloud-ready experience on your MacBook Pro or Mac Air. And, the use of gesture technology in tandem with trackpad hardware, help bring your laptop or desktop experience closer to that of an iPad.
They have also added in additional features include an auto-save feature for all content and a new way to control apps through mission control.
The Air Drop feature allows you to send files to anyone around you wirelessly within 30 feet.
“To share a file, simply drag it to someone’s name. Once accepted, the fully encrypted file transfers directly to that person’s Downloads folder,” said Apple.
The key feature is probably the introduction of iCloud via iOS5 that seamlessly stores all your device music, photos and calendars in remote servers that are simultaneously accessible from any Mac product including iPhone, iPad and Mac Air.
Here are some tips to heed when upgrading:

  • Double-check your system firepower. Make sure you have Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor types and at least 2 GB of ram. Upgrading to 4 GB will really put you in good shape.
  • Make sure you have 4 GB of hard disk available for the future Mac Lion OS download (probably more).
  • Do an inventory of your current software through the System Profiler. According to Tech Republic Apple will no longer be supporting PowerPC architecture and has removed the Rosetta emulation from the OS. Any installed software that is not Universal Binary or Intel will give you issues
  • Backup all you data onto an external drive
  • Upgrade to the latest versions of Snow Leopard (at least version 10.6.6.) before proceeding with Lion OS upgrade.
  • Purchase Lion OS from Apple App Directory for $29.99
  • Since it weighs roughly 4 GB ensure you put aside an hour or two to let the download complete smoothly without interruption.
  • Once downloaded, launch installer and complete steps.  Remember to reboot system once install is complete.
  • Purchase a trackpad from the Apple Store to take full advantage of new gesture technology, which mimics many of the slide and swipe features inside an iPad.