Is Twitter the New Chat Room?

Back in the late 90’s, when Netscape and AOL ruled the Internet, there was a new phenomenon called “Chat Rooms.” Remember? Chat rooms allowed online visitors to connect with each other on a virtual level that had never been known before. I know what you’re thinking, “Chat rooms are SO last decade. Welcome to Web 2.0!”
Better take a look in the mirror Mr. Web 2.0. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, are basically glorified chat rooms. Once again, what began as an unknown form of online interaction has become the biggest phenomenon in the Internet today.
Hard to believe? Let’s take a look at all the similarities between social media and chat rooms:

  • Open discussion for everyone, everywhere
  • Links shared and followed
  • Random usernames and profiles
  • Discussion groups and fan clubs of all types
  • Facial expressions and emoticons still in use : )

Ironically, the Internet has come full circle with chat rooms of the late 90’s becoming the social media sites of today. If you find yourself asking, “So, have we reached the end of the Internet? Does this mean we’re back to square one?” The answer is “No.”
Although the same communication principle between chat rooms and social media sites applies, it’s obvious that sites like Twitter and Facebook offer more features and have easier ways to connect with one another to share information.
So if you loved chat rooms but just haven’t gotten around to adding yourself on Facebook, or creating a Twitter profile, I invite you to embrace the madness. Chatting with good friends and even complete strangers has never been so easy or fun.
What other similarities or differences do you see between social media sites and chat rooms?